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RUSH: Oh, oh, by the way, H.R., are you listening?  Call The Five people and tell 'em I'll do it.  I just checked. I'm gonna be on The Five this afternoon via telephone only, not camera.  She asked yesterday. I got an e-mail from 'em at two minutes 'til five o'clock, I saw the e-mail about 20 minutes after five, I couldn't, obviously, do it.  Yes, it's okay if you listen. (laughing) If they bring up Egypt, I'll talk about Egypt.  Yes, it's okay to talk about Fox this afternoon.  That is one of the things they want to talk about, all this drummed up controversy of my supposedly telling people not to watch Fox. 


Yeah, I know it was all over the place.  It started in Politico. It got picked up in Tel Aviv.  I mean, it was everywhere.  You know, I've told people, "Do not watch NBC. Do not watch MSNBC," and that's never made the news.  I told this one caller, "Don't listen to these wacko liberals on the network," and that became, "Limbaugh urging people to avoid Fox."  In line with this, last night on Cavuto on Fox Business Network, Cavuto has his show there, and he had Jedediah Bila and this Julie Roginsky. I'm sorry, I don't know who is she.  But she's on there.  That's one of the names the caller mentioned that sent him into orbit.  Now, wait 'til you hear what Cavuto tells her that I said.  Listen.

ROGINSKY:  It's going, unfortunately, in the way that none of my colleagues here want it to go, but, it's gonna be the law.  They're going to work to improve it and tweak it. But, it's gonna be the law of the land.  You can try to defund it, it's not gonna happen.

BILA: It's gonna raise costs, decrease quality of care and be an enormous disaster. 

CAVUTO:  Now I'm not surprised why Rush Limbaugh hates you.

ROGINSKY:  He does, thanks to you, I know.  Rush, stop trashing me, man.

CAVUTO: (crosstalk) All right.

RUSH:  That apparently is Julie Roginsky there, and there's Neil Cavuto saying, "Well, I'm not surprised why Rush hates you." I don't know who she is!  I don't know how I could possibly hate her.  I don't know who she is, but, see? Here's Cavuto, who's supposedly a friend: "No wonder Rush hates you."  Where did that come from?  Man, folks, this is why I tell you, you've gotta be so, so, so careful watching any media, listening to any media.  It's just astounding. 



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