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Trayvon Verdict PSA: Don't Riot!


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, a public service announcement here first.  As you know, the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial is due.  I mean, they're still not through with it, but the verdict is due rather soon, and a number of people -- in fact, Mike, move forward, grab audio sound bite number six.  They're very, very concerned in Florida about riots. 

CNN has a story: "Florida authorities have a message as the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial looms: Raise your voice, not your hands."  And then, three paragraphs later, listen to this. "Zimmerman is a white Hispanic." He's the first white Hispanic in the history of the country and he was so named by the New York Times. So desirous are they of promoting racial division, they've gotta call this poor guy a "white Hispanic."  And here is CNN echoing it.

Now, everybody involved here is very, very hopeful that there are riots -- uhhh-- that there are not riots.  And so they're putting out PSAs and everything, "Please don't riot."  It's like saying, "Don't think pink."  What are you thinking?  Grab the audio sound bite.  We have here a PSA from Broward County Sheriff's Office.  Sheriff Scott Israel released a new PSA entitled "Raise Your Voice, Not Your Hands" meant to encourage -- ahem -- discourage violence after the Zimmerman verdict. In the PSA you'll hear a bunch of voices.  Here we go. 

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Raise your voice!

UNIDENTIFIED MAN:  And not your hands!

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: We need to stand together as one.  No cuffs.  No guns.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN:  Let's give violence a rest, 'cause we can easily end up arrested!

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I know your patience will be tested, but...

BOTH MAN AND WOMAN: Law enforcement has your back!

UNIDENTIFIED MAN:  Let's back up and choose not to act up, and deputies are with us, so no need to act up!

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Let it roll off your shoulders as water off your back.  Don't lack composure, because in one instance it could be over.

BOTH MAN AND WOMAN: So let's make the choice to raise your voice and not your hands.

SCOTT ISRAEL:  I'm Sheriff Scott Israel, and law enforcement does have your back.

RUSH:  What in the name of Sam Hill do they think is going to happen?  I mean, by the time all of this is over, everybody's gonna have their dust up.  What do they think they're doing with this?  I have a PSA because I want to help here.  We here at the EIB Network always try to participate in solutions, not just pointing out problems.  Obviously, we carry a lot of weight here.  Big influence, this program is documented to have that. 

People of Florida, people of the United States, whatever you do, please do not riot.  Just pretend that your team just won the NBA championship or the Super Bowl -- no, wait a minute.  Scratch that last part.  Just don't riot. 

What in the world do they think is gonna -- oh.


RUSH: Russell Simmons, who is one of the -- Snerdley, how would you describe Russell Simmons?  He's one of the early hip-hop guys, right?  He never was gangsta.  He never got into gangsta stuff.  He was one of the early -- like the Run-DMC guys. His brother was in Run-DMC.  Yeah.  Russell is an executive.  Yeah, but Russell was also a performer, wasn't he?  Well, you should know this, because you're a big music guy.  Anyway, none of that really matters.  I'm just trying to set the table for people so they know who we're talking about. 

Russell Simmons shows up a lot on Fox as a left-wing social commentator.  He wears his cap crooked, always wears his cap, whether it's a Yankee cap or whatever it is, it's always crooked.  And Russell Simmons was recently talking about the George Zimmerman trial, and I found this at Newsbusters.  Russell Simmons said, "Guilty or innocent, Zimmerman will ultimately be punished for Martin's death."  "Guilty or innocent, Zimmerman" -- a white Hispanic -- "will be punished for Trayvon Martin's death." 

Now, Russell Simmons wrote this yesterday.  Here's what he wrote.  "Like so many people across the country, I have followed the murder trial of George Zimmerman very closely. As we enter what is probably the last week of the trial, I am sure that everyone is anxious about the outcome. For the past 16 months, I have proudly supported the courageous parents of Trayvon Martin as they have fought for justice for their son. I have greatly admired the grace and humility that they have exuded throughout this entire tragic ordeal. For them, the day of judgment in the courtroom will be a very difficult day and I certainly will say a prayer for them when that day comes.

"He will soon be judged by a jury of his peers, and that is the best we can do. Whatever decision they make, is a decision that we must live with, whether we like it or not. Whether George Zimmerman is found innocent or guilty by the jury, I am firm believer that all of us live by karmic law, and he will ultimately be punished for the death of Trayvon, no matter what."  Whether he's guilty or innocent.

Now, how does that work?  If you're innocent, if you didn't do it, how is it that you're gonna get punished anyway?  Karma.  I know what he's saying.  I know what he's saying.  You want me to translate what he's saying?  He's talking about karma.  He's saying, "Look, I don't care what you people think, and it doesn't matter what we think.  We know what we want to believe, and what we want to believe is is that Zimmerman killed this guy, so we don't care what the court says. Zimmerman's gonna pay for it one way or the other somewhere down the line, whether he did it or not, 'cause we want him to have done it. We've set the table for him to have done it. Who else coulda done it? Trayvon Martin is dead because he ran into Zimmerman, who cares how or why, and Zimmerman is gonna pay."  I got it?  Is that it?  I could be a hip-hop mogul, folks. 



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