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Did the NSA Have Dirt on Chief Justice Roberts?


RUSH: Hugh in Richmond, Virginia, I'm glad you waited.  You're next on the Rush Limbaugh program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you, sir.  Listening for well over 15 years, first-time caller.

RUSH:  Well!

CALLER:  I just have a rhetorical question and a prayer.  The rhetorical question is, "I wonder what the photographs and the telephone conversations and e-mails that the NSA got on Justice Roberts were to make him flip on Obamacare and gay rights legislation at the Supreme Court?" That's my question.  It's rhetorical.  We'll have to wait for a honest regime change before we can ever find out, unless the prayer is: Would Edward Snowden possibly have the answer to the rhetorical question?

RUSH:  (laughing)  Well, it's an interesting thought process that the NSA procured data of an embarrassing nature that the regime used on John Roberts, and that Snowden might know what it is.  I'm fascinated, folks -- as I've mentioned many times -- by the way people think.  I'm always intrigued and entertained by that.  I never even thought of that.  I never even thought of blackmail against John Roberts. 

I just happened to take him at his word, that he just doesn't think that he ought to be the one to cancel an act of Congress.  I don't know.  As for Snowden, this is interesting.  Snowden is in limbo.  He is in a section of the Moscow Airport and can't get out of there.  There are two or three countries who have, quote, unquote, "promised him" asylum.  One of them is Venezuela.  I think Nicaragua.  And if I'm not mistaken, "Cuber." 

Or maybe not "Cuber," but Bolivia.  There are three of them.  The problem is that he can't get there without overflying either the United States or an ally of the United States.  Now, remember the Bolivian president, Manuel Ossobuco (or whatever his name was)? They forced his airplane down in Vienna because they thought that Bieber... Not Bieber. They thought Snowden was on it. 

Bieber, Snowden, what's the difference?  Both are young punks. 

They thought that Snowden was on the plane, and they put that plane on the ground in Vienna for 14 hours in Austria.  And this is the Bolivian president.  Yeah, Evo "Ossobuco" Morales.  That's what his name is.  So if they can do that to the Bolivian president, if the US can make that happen with an ally, there's nobody who will fly him. It's a 6,000 mile trip to Cuba, from Moscow to Cuba. 

Now, there are airplanes that will get there nonstop but not without overflying the US or an ally.  So he's actually stuck in the Moscow airport.  Putin doesn't want anything to do with him, for some reason.  There's actually a section in the Moscow airport for homeless, wayward political dissidents.  I think they got all the vodka they want, but that's it.  He can't get out of there.


RUSH: Yeah, we have drones that land on Navy carriers.  I know.  Big drones, too. They look like the B-2 stealth bomber.  Did you see that thing?  Wow.



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