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House FINALLY Opposes Stupid CFL Lights
RUSH: Now, the House of Representatives yesterday voted to block the enforcement of light bulb standards that would effectively force people to buy more expensive and more dangerous compact fluorescent light bulbs.  "Just like last year, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) proposed the language as an addition to the energy and water spending bill. His language prohibits the use of any funds at the Department of Energy to implement the standards."

A pull quote from the story.  "If the new energy-efficient light bulbs save money, and if they're better for the environment, we should trust our constituents to make the choice on their own move toward these bulbs.  Let the market decide."

We need to find this guy and have him run for office, except he's already in office.  He's a Republican.  You see this?  Let the people figure it out.  If the compact fluorescents are cheaper, if they're safer, if they do a better job, people will go buy them.  If they don't, they won't.  But even this, even light bulbs now have become politicized. And it was a scare tactic. The Thomas Edison light bulbs were destroying the climate, my friends.  Yes, your standard, ordinary 40-, 80-, 120-watt bulb was causing climate change, ladies and gentlemen.  You can't be blamed, you didn't know, but because of that you've gotta get rid of them and you've gotta go now to these compact fluorescents. 

If I stop and think about this long enough I literally get mad, I literally start fuming here, getting irritated at these never-ending assaults on liberty, freedom, self-reliance.  People live their lives the way they want. The idea that there's a wrong kind of light bulb, and the idea that there's a light bulb out there destroying planet, people are too stupid to know so we gotta make sure they can't buy them.  Just a bunch of busybodies that cannot leave well enough alone.

Bieber Micturates in Mop Bucket, Defaces Picture of Bill Clinton
RUSH: Did you hear what Justin Bieber did?  Do you believe this?  "Justin Bieber's reign of teenage terror continues."  This time what he did, he relieved himself in a mop bucket inside a nightclub kitchen, and then he had the audacity to insult Bill Clinton.  He sprayed a photo of Bill Clinton and spews an expletive at the former president.  Justin Bieber took a leak in a mop bucket in a nightclub, and then said, "F Bill Clinton." The news of this got out, and he called Clinton to apologize.  He dissed ex-President Clinton while peeing in the bucket, and then he said, "F Bill Clinton." 

I don't know why you would think of Bill Clinton -- well, actually I do.  You're taking a leak in a mop bucket in a nightclub and you're thinking of Bill Clinton.  I can see that.  So you can't hold that against him.  But then he did the right thing.  The news of this got out and then he called Clinton and he apologized.  He found a way to speak to Clinton, he apologized.  All this comes from E! Entertainment news.  And Clinton, we're told, was really cool about it.  "Thanks for taking the time to talk, Mr. President, your words meant a lot." 

So Bieber got hold of Clinton, Clinton said (paraphrasing), "Don't sweat it. I'm used to this. No big deal, Justin, won't hold it against you." Clinton's a good guy. Bieber apologized. No harm done. Everybody pees in a nightclub mop bucket now and then, especially 19-year-olds.  What are you gonna do?


RUSH:  So I checked the e-mail during the break and it said, "Rush, what did Bieber do to get back in Clinton's good graces after what he did there with peeing in the mop bucket and saying 'F Clinton'?"  What Bieber did, according to E! Entertainment network, whatever, Bieber called Clinton and said (paraphrasing), "Look, pal, I'm sorry, you know, big pressure here I'm under, but if there's anything I can do for the Clinton Global Initiative I'd love to help." 

So Bieber is smart.  He implied he was gonna give Clinton some money.  That's what offering to help the Clinton Global Initiative means.  So Clinton says (paraphrasing), "Okay, well if you'll willing to give me some money," he didn't say it that way, but that's what he meant, "I'll be glad to accept your apology."  Bill Clinton has always been kind to leakers, and it stands to reason here that he would be tolerant of Bieber and this child-like incident, in exchange for donations or help or whatever for the Clinton Global Initiative.

Was Obama Texting with Jay-Z with the Benghazi Murders Went Down?
RUSH: RUSH:  Jay-Z says that he speaks to Obama quite often, and he texts with Obama quite often, and Obama's heavy into sports, a lot of his analogies end up in sports.  Maybe Obama was talking to Jay-Z when Benghazi went down. 


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