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I'm Not the One Hoping for Trayvon Riots!


RUSH:  I tell you, the media can barely keep its pants up.  All right, the jury instructions are next in the Zimmerman trial.  They just can't wait.  Although I don't think the media wants a verdict today, 'cause it will get lost over the weekend, maybe the Sunday shows.  They'd rather have the verdict on Monday so they can use the whole week to trash the country.

JOHNNY DONOVAN:  And now, from sunny South Florida, it's Open Line Friday!

RUSH:  Yeah, plus the riots are scheduled for Monday.  They probably don't have the rioters ready to go today.  But they can't help themselves.  I mean, folks, it's amazing.  Closing arguments are finished, and then the prosecution did their rebuttal, closing arguments, and the judge next is gonna charge the jury.  For those of you in Rio Linda, that doesn't mean they're gonna arrest them.  It means they're gonna give them their instructions and then the jury's off.  What if it's like the OJ jury and they come back in like an hour? 

Friday is a better day for a riot.  The jurors have been sequestered.  They may just want to get out of there and take the occasion of Friday to run away from town and hide.  It's hard to predict what's gonna happen.  (interruption) Well, Monday or Friday, what difference does a day make to a rioter?  No, no.  Big difference.  Even if you get media coverage of your riot on Saturday, it's not as impactful as on a Monday or Tuesday. So the rioters, they're not gonna be revved up to go today.  Rioters... the bus reservations and the hotels.  Well, no, they'll trash those.  I think the DOJ's probably already done the organizational aspect of the riots. 


Well, let me tell you what happened.  H.R. just asked me if CNN does it will they blow the verdict again?  Go back to the Michael Jackson trial, the child molestation trial out in LA.  The media was convinced that he was guilty, and I remember, folks, nobody likes to predict juries, but I was fearless in telling you that, "I won't be surprised if he was acquitted because I didn't think they made the case."  Remember that?  Snerdley, I don't remember where you came down on this.  Were you the same or did you think he was gonna be -- (interruption) Okay, so we were on the same page.  I didn't think that the prosecution made the case.  I thought this is an example of an overreaching, zealous prosecution that was relying on media. 

 Anyway, literally a few short minutes before the jury came in, Jeffrey Toobin goes on CNN, predicts a massive conviction.  And in just minutes he was proved wrong.  The jury acquitted.  So when H.R. said to me, "Is CNN gonna come out and do the same thing?" I don't know.  But I'm just gonna tell you, folks, the media is invested in a guilty verdict with the max punishment possible.  It's what they've been hoping for, planning for, trying to make sure happens since this whole case began.  This case serves a lot of purposes. It's also an opportunity to make up for what went wrong in the Duke lacrosse case. 

It's wall-to-wall analysis of what the judge is gonna say in her instructions, and then wall-to-wall analysis of what the jury's gonna be doing while they are deliberating.  It's been a long time for the Drive-Bys.  There haven't been any real, decent riots since Rodney King.  I mean, you might have to go back to Rodney King to find some really decent, really qualified riots in terms of the way the media looks at these things.  A sports championship riot doesn't count because that's engendered, really, by joy and happiness. If people want to tear down their town 'cause their team wins, that's one thing, but if they tear down their town because they think they've just been given the racial shaft, that's made to order. 

Well, that riot in Brazil doesn't count because nobody saw any pictures of that.  Remember earlier this week, folks, I had a short little story from AP and it was written as thought this happens every day.  There was nothing remarkable about the story, I mean, the way it was reported, there was no emphasis.  It was a story about how when someone turned on the faucet, the water ran.  But the details were unlike anything I've ever seen before.  In a soccer game down in Brazil, the referee stabbed a player that he had ejected from the game. Fans stormed the field and killed the referee, sliced him up into four pieces, decapitated him, and put his head on a stake. 

Now, that is a riot the media can sink its teeth into if that happens here.  But that happened in a soccer game all because the star player got tossed out by the referee.  This, they're just hoping.  I mean, as I say, they haven't had any real good riots since Rodney King.  They're long overdue.  What are you shaking your head at in there, Dawn?  You think that's not true?  The media, I'm talking about the media.  I don't want any riots, don't misunderstand.  From the media perspective, we haven't had a good riot in this country in I don't know how long.  A riot is an opportunity for the media to show how unjust and unfair, basically how sucky the country is, and there hasn't been that chance. 


RUSH: So the judge, the lifelong Democrat judge, her name is Nelson -- she was appointed by Jeb Bush, by the way -- she is now charging the jury.  And, for those of you in Rio Linda, that does not mean that the jury is being arrested.  It means that she's giving them their instructions.  The defense attorney in the closing arguments today brought in a slab of concrete representative of the sidewalk.  It was not the actual sidewalk involved in the case.  But he brought in a very sizeable, heavy chunk of concrete representing the sidewalk.  It was obviously very heavy.  He put it down on the floor, rubbed his hands together, and said (paraphrasing), "This is where it started, and this concrete is not just an innocent teenager with some iced tea and Skittles." 

But as you know and I know, it appears the powers that be are totally invested in a guilty verdict.  The media is desperate for a guilty verdict so that they can once again proceed on the assumption that this is a racist, biased, unfair country that refuses to allow blacks to have the slightest chance to get ahead.  The civil rights movement wants much the same thing.  The White House wants a guilty verdict.  In fact, ladies and gentlemen, MSNBC has put pictures of Trayvon Martin's dead body on the Internet.  I got an e-mail.  This is what I've been meaning to mention to you for 25 minutes, it just slipped my mind.  There is a photo of Trayvon Martin's dead body on the ground at the scene that my e-mail claims is the result of MSNBC putting it out there, which they did today.  I think it was Koko Jr. at the website that sent the thing to me.  And so that is a great illustration of the media's investment in this. 

Now, the jury is not supposed to see that, but that's not the point.  There are riots to be had here.  By the way, I should point out -- you know, I read the e-mail in every break here.  And I don't often print them out and read them to you.  I summarize them.  I got a couple of e-mails from people who are a little appalled. They said they were appalled that I would speak so openly and acceptingly of riots.  They said it's very irresponsible of you to talk that way.  So I'm reading the e-mail, and what is irresponsible about it?  Do any of you out there not understand that there are people invested?  I mean, you've got people in Miami who are bragging that, if there are riots, Miami will be Ground Zero for them.  What is insensitive about it?  There's no question that there are people planning to do that.  They are hoping that this is something that they have the opportunity to do.  And the media would love covering them. 

You know, in the old days this might be something that most people would hope wouldn't happen and maybe it still is something most people hope wouldn't happen, but I'm telling you, folks, there are powerful forces that -- let's put it this way, wouldn't be disappointed at all if there are.  And I have to tell you, when the sheriff's department in Sanford, Florida, puts together a PSA asking people not to riot, what in effect are they doing?  They are putting the very thought into people's heads.  Yeah, it was Gawker that ran the picture of a deceased Trayvon Martin.  They posted screen shots of Trayvon Martin from MSNBC, and their headline says, "This courtesy of MSNBC is Trayvon Martin's dead body.  Get angry."  Gawker published a photo today, and they credit MSNBC with this. 

So don't doubt me on this.  I hope it doesn't happen, but look, I know the media. I know what they're invested in here.  I know what they hope happens.  They're ready to roll.  They are ready to roll on this verdict.  And the very idea that this is a legitimate possibility, that there are some people hoping for it, what do you think this is doing to the jury?  What kind of impact does this have on these six women on the jury?  Are they gonna be sitting in there deciding the case on its merits or whether or not they should find one way or the other because of the possibility of riots?  Don't think none of those things are relevant.  They are.  Most definitely. 


RUSH:  There's gonna be an interesting verdict in this sense.  A guy named William Jacobson runs a blog called the Legal Insurrection.  He does a fabulous job.  It's a great blog on legal matters, Legal Insurrection.  Let me synthesize this.  There's a short analysis here, closing arguments in this case. He says that the defense presented evidence and fact and common sense, lots of evidence.  The defense made the point that they don't have to prove anything, but that they almost could, but they don't have to prove anything.  The closing arguments, in fact the whole case, on the defense side was fully substantive. 

On the other side, the prosecution went strictly on emotion in their appeals to the jury.  And we got six women on the jury.  They appealed straight to their emotions.  They appealed to the hearts.  Be nice.  It's terrible what happened.  Trayvon's parents are not going to have their son anymore, and all this kind of thing, that kind of approach.  And the judge did a little of the same in parts of her closing. 

Now, to be fair, I did hear the judge just remind the jury that the defense doesn't have to prove anything. Zimmerman doesn't have to prove anything, and she told them to use their common sense, so forth and so on.  I didn't hear all of her instructions, so it really is not appropriate for me to comment on what she said; I didn't hear enough of it.  But it will be interesting to see, because the blog, Legal Insurrection, is right.  We got six women on the jury, and they're gonna decide this case based on either the facts and a bunch of evidence or the emotional tug on their heartstrings.  We will see. 

Now, if things run true to course, the way things are in America today, the facts won't matter, the evidence won't matter, the substance won't make a smithereen bit of difference.  It will be all about the feelings. It will be all about the heart and how sad.  So we'll see.  Keep a sharp eye.  And again the media, I'm telling you, the media is conflicted.  I mean, they want a verdict. They want a guilty verdict, and they want the max.  But do they want it today or do they want it Monday?  Riots that happen this afternoon into tomorrow, ah, not a whole lot of coverage.  Riots that happen on Monday into Tuesday and Wednesday get covered around the clock.  But if a bunch of people are rioting on Florida on Saturday, who cares?  Monday or Tuesday, you won't be able to escape it.  


RUSH: Man, I tell you! I'm getting a lot of e-mail, "Rush, I'm uncomfortable with the way you're talking about riots!" Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry.  I didn't bring the subject up.  I did not run the PSA.  I did not do the PSA.  I did not record the PSA that the sheriff's office in Sanford, Florida, ran asking people not to riot. (interruption) Well, so what I'm Rush Limbaugh.  I didn't bring it up!  I have nothing to do with it. I'm not the guy that brought up the subject.


But I'm Rush Limbaugh. 

So what? 


Okay, millions of people listen.  Look, I'm not trying to sound cavalier about this!  This is exactly the kind of stuff I'm talking about.  Realville has to prepare for these things, too.  I am the mayor of Realville.  I'll give you another thing to think about.  You know, I have said (and a lot of people agree and understand what I mean) that the media is invested in a guilty verdict. But let me tell you something.

The media, after they stop and think about it, will not be all that unhappy with an acquittal, because an acquittal opens the door to never-ending stories about what a racist, biased, bigoted place Sanford, Florida, is. And by extension, state of Florida. And by further extension, the country.  So if we get a conviction, they're emotionally happy in that what they personally want has happened, and they get to run stories in that vein. 

If there is an acquittal or even a partial, small guilty verdict that allows them to continue with this narrative that this is an unfair, unjust, racially divided country?  You don't think they'll jump with joy into that one?  You know damn well they will.  Now, I am, in discussing the riot... It may sound a little cavalier to you, but I didn't put it out there.  And there's not one person who can go back and find anything I said where I'm encouraging them.


Snerdley says (laughing), "When has that ever made a difference? They'll make it up." Look, that's not gonna be dumped on me.  I'll be the last guy blamed if there are riots.  I'll be the last guy, because that would be to credit me, because people are gonna want them.  You think I'm gonna get the credit? Sharpton's gonna get that credit, or the Reverend Jackson.  Anyway, I don't even know that there will be. 

But, folks, I understand this makes some of you a little uncomfortable about it, but I'm telling you: I wasn't anywhere near this. In fact, I even did PSAs telling people not to riot.  I did PSAs here on the fly -- they weren't produced, but it was the same thing as a PSA -- where I begged people to pretend that your team just won the Super Bowl, or pretend that your team just won the NBA Championship.

Then I said, "No, wait. Don't do that," and I corrected myself, 'cause I remembered I was doing a PSA urging people not to riot. There's a third aspect of this.  What if, after all of this, no matter what the verdict is, nobody cares?  What if there aren't any uprisings? What if there aren't any outpourings? What if all there is, is a bunch of rent-a-mobs that are obviously not genuine and therefore don't appear to be real?

What if there isn't anything one way or the other after this?  Let's not forget: The media is not as in touch with this country as they think they are.  There's a story I have in the Stack (I didn't print it, but it was last night during prep) that "journalist" is one of the least respected professions in the country now, and it was so bad that there are some serious journalists looking at it and saying, "You know, this is not good." 

I mean, when you have a story about Congress being the least respected job or car salesman or whatever, and now journalism in there, some people yuk it up and laugh it up and say, "Well, it's just part and parcel of the job."  But this one was so bad that there were some serious journalists who said, "You know, we've got a problem here. We really, really have a problem," and they do.  They are less respected than they have ever been, and it bothers them.  So it could well be that they are out of touch with what really is happening in real aspects of this country, real places. 

Time will tell. 

We will find out.

It won't be long. 


RUSH:  The Seminole County sheriff and the police chief are speaking right now claiming there's no tension in Seminole County, and he's praising everybody for how peaceful they've all been. I haven't seen this before. I understand why it's happening.



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