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Michelle Obama's School Lunches Starve Kids


RUSH: Okay.  We had this as our Morning Update today, but in case you missed it.  "School officials in Carmel Clay, Ind., said they lost $300,000 last school year because students are rejecting the healthy menu changes brought on by First Lady Michelle Obama’s federal lunch regulations. 'I’ve had a lot of complaints, especially with the little guys,' Linda Wireman, a food service director for North White School Corp., told JCOnline. 'They get a three-quarters cup of vegetables, but if it’s something they don’t like, it goes down the garbage disposal. So there are a lot of complaints they’re going home hungry.'

"Amy Anderson, the food service director for the school district, said the rules made her feel less like an educator and more like a 'food cop.' The changes have even made her consider retiring early. Lori Shofroth, Tippecanoe School Corp.’s food service director --"

Why do they need these people with Moochelle running the show?  Look at all these food directors they've got.  Here's another one.  "Lori Shofroth, Tippecanoe School Corp.’s food service director, said many students are throwing food away, putting a dent in the district’s budget.  'They’re teaching our kids with this meal pattern that it’s OK to throw away,' she told JCOnline. 'We did a waste study on three different schools, and there was a huge amount of waste. That was just with produce, fruit or vegetables or milk.'" The kids hate it.  "Other students don’t eat the lunches at all, resulting in a $300,000 loss for the district."

Now, earlier this week we had the story about a school in New York that was getting rid of the Moochelle Obama way of feeding kids because they were hungry at the end of the school. They didn't like the food. They weren't eating it. There wasn't enough of it.  Now we have this other district here in Indiana losing hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to comply and failing because the kids hate it.  You know, pretty soon they're gonna have to come up with a Limbaugh Theorem for Moochelle because this is all being blamed on her, and that's not the way this regime works.  When things go wrong, Obama does not get the blame for it. He's not even attached to it. But this school lunch debacle is really being blamed all on Moochelle, and rightly so. 

But again, I have to ask a question.  And I may be the only one with the guts to publicly ask it.  Who made her the expert?  Don't give me this first lady business.  So what? Being first lady means that she is qualified to design a school lunch menu for the whole country?  What experience?  What's the resume say that her experience track record in this field is?  She's got two girls?  That's right, she's got two girls and a garden, that's all you need.  That's right, okay, and she's first lady.  She's the wife of Barack.  So Barack knows more than anybody about the health care industry. Barack knows more than anybody about coal. He knows more than anybody about energy. He knows more than anybody about taxes. He knows more than anybody about creating jobs.

These people don't know diddly-squat.  They are the least qualified that you could find who are otherwise educated to be in charge of anything.  I know they won elections, or he did, but seriously, why is she in charge? I know first ladies have to do things and they've gotta be altruistic or charitable or, you know, like learning to read or don't do drugs or whatever, but seriously, what are her qualifications? 

We've got kids all over the country claiming they hate the menu; they're not eating it; they're going home hungry.  Okay, so her arms are toned and she knows about exercise.  Do you think Michelle is hungry?  Do you think her kids are hungry?  Hell, no, and hell, no twice.  Say what it is.  No way her kids are hungry and no way she's hungry, right?  But if you're Michelle Obama and if you are convinced the country has a morbid obesity problem among the youths, isn't the point that they should be hungry?  Sorry, folks, you can't go on a diet without being hungry.  There hasn't been one made, unless they can give you some speed to suppress the appetite.  A little Ritalin here, a little Adderall, you never know, nice little side effect.  But outside of that there's not a diet that does that. 

If you're gonna lose weight, if you're morbidly obese you're gonna have to face the consequence you're gonna be hungry.  But we don't want the little children to suffer.  But, anyway, that's not what this is about.  This is Michelle, she knows better than anybody else about healthy foods 'cause she has a garden.  Big whoop.  You know, the proof's in the pudding.  When her husband gets the chance to eat the way he wants to eat, what does he do?  He heads to these Five Guys burger places and gorges on triple decker cheeseburgers and fries and he takes heads of state with him. He doesn't care.  They probably got him eating berries and twigs and leaves and everything, too, and he's probably starving.  That may be one of the problems.



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