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Pearls of Wisdom

"The targets of my low-information outreach don't know that they're the targets because low-information voters do not realize that they are because nobody admits it, or very few do."

"Adult diaper sales and usage are outnumbering infant diaper sales and usage in Japan. Incontinence, just the aging population. There are more old people in Japan than there are young people. It's a combination of people living longer there and a lower than replacement birthrate. Adult diapers outsell infant diapers in Japan."

"Yesterday the big news was that omega-3 fish oils increase a man's risk for prostate cancer by 70%. Now, many people have been led to believe that omega-3 fish oils -- people gobble that stuff -- retards and delays or prevents, whatever, cancer. It turns out there's a direct link in a rather large human trial sample size between omega-3 fatty acid fish oil pills and prostate cancer."

"You did not take your omega acids today. I didn't know you have been taking omega acids. You didn't tell anybody that. You might need to go omega acid rehab now. You gotta be wary of the withdrawal from the omega acid stuff."

"Alka-Seltzer. That's what you took in the old days. In the sixties, heartburn, put some fizzy Alka-Seltzer in the glass and wait till it fizzes up and drink that and you burp the gas away. Worked every time I tried it."

"I'll tell you, folks, it's dangerous to live. It is really dangerous to be alive. It's very risky and some are seriously considering whether it's worth it. Do you realize all the risks out there to being alive?"

"This is actually a very provocative piece on the Zimmerman case. It is found today in the American Spectator, one of my all-time favorite journals of opinion. It's written by a man named Daniel J. Flynn. It's about the Zimmerman case. And the headline of this piece is really good, and it's provocative itself. It gives you an indication what the story is about. 'Two Males, No Men.'"

"What made Michelle Obama the expert in nutrition? Don't give me this first lady business. So what? Being first lady means that she is qualified to design a school lunch menu for the whole country?"

"I tell you, the media can barely keep its pants up. All right, the jury instructions are next in the Zimmerman trial. They just can't wait. Although I don't think the media wants a verdict today, 'cause it will get lost over the weekend, maybe the Sunday shows. They'd rather have the verdict on Monday so they can use the whole week to trash the country."

"Okay, anyway: 'Most Adults Always Have Smart Phone Close By; 1 in 10 Use it During Sex.' They don't say how they're using it. This is a story in the LA Times. I'm sure there's an app for sex. There's probably a mirror app. There's any number of apps for sex. There are 600,000 or 750,000 apps in the App Store now. I have to tell you, I don't use the phone in bed, but I love it. It's not a phone. It's a pocket computer."

"The media is desperate for a guilty verdict so that they can once again proceed on the assumption that this is a racist, biased, unfair country that refuses to allow blacks to have the slightest chance to get ahead. The civil rights movement wants much the same thing. The White House wants a guilty verdict. "

"Yeah, it was Gawker that ran the picture of a deceased Trayvon Martin. They posted screen shots of Trayvon Martin from MSNBC, and their headline says, 'This courtesy of MSNBC is Trayvon Martin's dead body. Get angry.'"

"The Democrats have calculated that there's more value to them in leaving the interest rate at 6.8% and blaming that on the Republicans, because the Democrats know they're gonna get the votes of the youths, the college students anyway. So it's a double whammy. They keep the interest rate high and the Republicans get the blame for it."

"The media is not as in touch with this country as they think they are."

"If people want to tear down their town 'cause their team wins, that's one thing, but if they tear down their town because they think they've just been given the racial shaft, that's made to order."



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