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Celebs React to Zimmerman Verdict
RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, Beyonce interrupted her own concert over the weekend to take a moment of silence for Trayvon Martin right after the news broke that Zimmerman was not guilty.  An AP reporter tweeted the following.  "Oh, so we can all kill teenagers now?  Just checking."  That would be Cristina Silva, a reporter for the "Administration" Press.  The New York Giants recently signed Victor Cruz to a huge contract extension.  He went to Twitter. 

He said, "Thoroughly confused. Zimmerman doesn't last a year before the 'hood catches up to him."  Roddy White, wide receiver of the Atlanta Falcons, tweeted, "All them [sic] jurors should go home tonight and kill themselves for letting a grown man get away with killing a kid."  Now, both Cruz and Roddy White have tweeted apologies.  Victor Cruz's tweet was, "I apologize, that's why I deleted it. I believe conversation not confrontation leads to change and progress.

"I never have and never will advocate violence under any circumstances and I pray that we all encourage and educate each other. The death of Trayvon Martin is an unthinkable tragedy that is any parent's worst nightmare. As a father, I want my daughter to grow up in a country that uses this tragedy to heal and grow and progress. My prayers continue to go out to Trayvon Martin's family." Roddy White also apologized. 

President Bush 41 Honored for Points of Light
RUSH:  I am number 772 of George Bush's Thousand Points of Light.  Remember that, way back in 1988, '89, whatever, George H. W. Bush 41 with his Thousand Points of Light?  Actually, I think I was number 773.  Obama is hosting a ceremony at the White House even as we speak, commemorating George H. W. Bush's Thousand Points of Light.  It was a program that recognizes we're all influences. We're all points of light and can help others. 

Gay Divorce: Jane Lynch Splits
RUSH: "Jane Lynch, star of the TV show Glee, is divorcing from her wife of three years." It's big news on low-information networks.

Spanking in Childhood Linked to Obesity and Heart Disease
RUSH: "Spanking in Childhood Tied to Adult Obesity and Heart Disease."  Did you know that?  This is from MedPageToday.com. 

"Children who were punished physically had higher risks for cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and obesity in adulthood, researchers found." Really?  I mean, people that hear that and say, "What do you mean, getting spanked leads to obesity?  How does that happen?  How does that work?"  If people had the ability to look at a story like this purely politically, they'd understand it.  Because there's nothing but politics in this story. 


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