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"I need to know: Ladies and gentlemen, is it still permissible to speak English in this country without being accused of racism? Is it possible to speak English without being told you're making fun of people? Ho-lee! The embodiment of low information."

"CNN used to have, within the realm of the business that they are in, a really great reputation. Now, they've always been liberally biased like everybody else in the media is."

"When Trayvon described Zimmerman to her, "creepy ass cracka," she began to fear that Zimmerman was gay. A rapist. She then told Trayvon to run, run, run. She just said so. "Definitely. After I say, 'Might be a rapist.'" That means she said to Trayvon: This guy could be gay. He could be a rapist. He might want to rape you! You run, Trayvon. Run, run!"

"So, ladies and gentlemen, based on the sweet, funny, engaging person on CNN last night, George Zimmerman wasn't a racist. He was a homosexual predator. She said it. She essentially said she warned Trayvon to "run, run, run;" that he "be creep out" by this. She also said: Gay men go after children. She said people need to understand he didn't want that "creepy ass cracka" going to his father or his girlfriend's house to go get -- Mind you his little brother is there." Trayvon didn't want this "creepy ass cracka" following him home to where his little brother is. This isn't about race, folks. This was not at all about race."

"The media and everybody have been saying since this happened, 'Zimmerman's a white racist!' You know as well as I do they've been doing everything they can to portray this as Zimmerman chasing a guy because he was black. Well, Zimmerman's the guy that got beaten up in this. Everybody forgets that. Zimmerman is the guy who got beat up."

"I submit to you that any other president who had authored policies resulting in these realities would be on the hot seat, would be sitting there with a 20% approval rating, and there'd be nothing but public disgust and animosity aimed the president's way every day."

"I mean, in the world of politics, to be able to effect this kind of change and transformation and not be held accountable for it when you're president? This is a profound political achievement."

"I wouldn't go out there and utter the word 'n-i-g-g-a' to see what happens. And then say, 'Hey, it just means "a guy."' And then, when the person says, 'Who told you that?' answer, 'Rachel Jeantel.' I would strongly advise you not to try that on the street. I wouldn't put this to the test anywhere."

"How many people thought it was the Trayvon Martin trial? Remember we're talking about low-information people here. It's like the Reverend Jackson said yesterday that Trayvon did not have "a jury of his peers," and that would be right. Trayvon wasn't on trial. George Zimmerman was."

"I fully expect to be raked over the coals for my interpretation today, because I have offered a viewpoint of what Rachel Jeantel said that the left does not want out there."

"In Europe, the thought of shooting someone, even in self-defense, is unfathomable. If you go to Europe, you will routinely run into people who will be shocked and perplexed -- dumbfounded -- that, in the United States, a homicide is justifiable self-defense. In Europe, they've already given up the right to self-defense. In Europe they have given up the notion of protecting themselves, including from foreign attack."

"Yesterday unions were upset at Obamacare. Today, they're upset at Obama for going after the coal! What in the name of Sam Hill is happening out there?"

"The left doesn't care, folks. There's no such thing as cheating or playing fair. It's whatever it takes to get what they want -- and then even after they get what they want, it's never enough."

"They got gay marriage. They're on the way to getting it. They got the Supreme Court to find that something constitutional isn't, Obamacare. They got Obama. They've got government growing like it's never grown before, and the private sector shrinking like it's never shrank before. They've got more people on welfare than ever before, got more people on unemployment than ever before. They're getting everything they want. But then they didn't get this verdict. So they start crying like a bunch of little impertinent kids, spoiled brats. Nobody convinces me otherwise."

"Reverend Sharpton and whoever else are desperately looking for a way to blame all of this on the Republicans. That's one of the objectives. Somebody will come up with a way to do it."

"IQ deficiency. There are some people who are an order of fries short of a Happy Meal, and what is often a characteristic about every one of these people is that they don't know it. They have no idea how incompetent or stupid they are. It's the exact opposite. They have the loftiest, highest self-image."

"Young people never do have a clue. There are some young people that do, but they've always been the exception. They always all grow up at some point. The problem is that they're all being indoctrinated by stupid leftists."

"There's some TV network out there, some little production house somewhere, even as we speak, drooling over the possibility of a Rachel Jeantel reality show. You just know it. Because they all think about last night was, 'Oh, charming, engaging, just likable, lovable, funny, really, really well spoken.' You wait. Somebody's gonna do a pilot."


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