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Pearls of Wisdom

"I have a hope, a desire that everybody in this country love it, that everybody in this country enjoy the life they've been given and the opportunity they've been given to live that life in this country."

"Most of the oppression in this country stems and originates from people on the left. They're the ones that demand you think right. They're the ones that demand you behave the way they require. They're the ones who demand you live the way they tell you to live."

"I guarantee you, nobody does whoop ass in self-defense. Whoop ass is an offensive maneuver. Can we all admit that? Whoop ass is offense, and getting ass whooped is defense. Okay?"

"One of the objectives of modern-era feminism was to take the presumed barbarian, brute nature out of men. It was to civilize men, make them more like women, make them more docile. Instead, what has happened is that women have sought to become like men."

"Trayvon did a little whoop ass on Zimmerman because he thought he was gay. Now, the point here is that in another part of the interview it was Rachel Jeantel who admitted that it was Trayvon beating up on Zimmerman."

"It's incredibly risky to watch TV these days. You just never know what you're gonna see."

"I can't tell you how disappointed I feel when I run across people that don't and can't enjoy their life. "

"People in certain parts of the country are still getting married and traditional relationships are still happening and traditional dating still happens. But at the elite schools, apparently, all that's just old school, not new school. All that's just old-fashioned. The parents who sent their kids to these schools are just learning about this hookup culture."

"I've been extremely fortunate. I don't think that I'm anything special or unique. I think it's possible for everybody. But then I look around, and I see so many people that basically look like they're just unhappy to be alive. It infuriates me, so I just want to help."

"All I see is anger and rage and dissatisfaction. They just don't seem happy, and it's depressing. Of all the places in the world... See, this is where I get in trouble. Of all the places in the world where enjoying life to the fullest extent possible... Of all the places where you can do that, it's this country."

"The Republicans are caving on practically everything where Obama's involved 'cause otherwise they're gonna be called racists and the media's gonna pick up on it."

"I would like to be able to change attitudes and thinking in a positive way that would cause some people to reflect a little bit more deeply than they do, on the really rare opportunity that life in this country affords people."

"I am a premier communicator. I say what I mean. I don't leave it up to chance. If somebody asks me a question, I answer it. I don't speak in riddles."

"So here we are, July 17th. It is 95 degrees in certain places, and that is news. Not only is that news, that's big news. In fact, not only is it big news, it's just shy of being an emergency! Ninety-five degrees in July? It happens every year."

"It is amazing how these people have begun to believe their own lies now about being in a recovery and it's serious and real, and so they get news like this, and some of them are genuinely shocked."

"The regime, I think, in conjunction with the Fed has decided that they're gonna do what it takes to make the stock market look good. A, it's helping Obama donors. B, it gives an indication the economy somewhere is upwardly mobile."


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