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Kim Kardashian in Trouble for Trayvon Tweet
RUSH:  There's nothing in the show prep stacks of stuff that fires me up.  There nothing I really care about. I'm tired of Zimmerman. I'm tired of Rachel Jeantel.  (I never thought that would happen, but it did.)  I've got stuff about it, but, I mean... ABC News! ABC News in 2013, World News Now this morning -- a newscast -- was devoted to reading tweets about Kim Kardashian and what she thinks of the Zimmerman verdict. 

Hillary Ain't No Ways Tired Again
RUSH: They spent more time on what Kim Kardashian thinks about it than they did on Hillary and what she thinks about it, and Hillary just said, "I ain't no ways tired."  Then she got confused and realized that it wasn't Selma that she was at, so she went in another direction.  Even CNN's not spending a whole lot of time on Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.  One of the reasons why is that Pew poll that hit the day before yesterday, that showed only 26% of the country was paying attention to it, or was interested in it. 

It's July, It's Hot -- and That's Breaking News on Cable
RUSH:  So here we are, July 17th. It is 95 degrees in certain places, and that is news.  Not only is that news, that's big news.  In fact, not only is it big news, it's just shy of being an emergency!  Ninety-five degrees in July?  It happens every year.  You could make book on it.  You could bet anybody that in New York City or anywhere in the Northeast, it's gonna be in the nineties in July, and you'd win.  But it's just short of being breaking news on cable news. 


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