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Pearls of Wisdom

"The liberals are the biggest, most partisan ideologues in this country. I don't care if you go to Los Angeles, New York, or Washington. The most partisan, angry, miserable unhappy ideologues are the Democrats -- and everything they do is ideological."

"I think I'm becoming a psychologist in explaining the Republican Party. It's the only way you can explain 'em. It's psychological."

"Bloomberg is coming out against escalators. Mayor Doomberg is trying to shut down escalators so people will walk up the stairs in order to be healthier. 'First he came after the cigarettes. Then the trans-fats. Then the super-sized drinks,' and salt. Now it's elevators and escalators."

"Nothing happening in this country is because conservatives are in charge. This country is in a state of decline, a state of decay. This country is rotting from the inside out, and we don't have any say. We don't control anything. We don't. Conservatives don't control anything in government. Zero. Conservatives don't even have any hold on the GOP."

"We don't control anything. We barely have a voice in the Republican Party. We have a couple senators, we have a couple members of the House, and that's it."

"A little Ohio Players and the Love Roller Coaster, which is what Matt Harvey wants to be on. He's cruising. He's gonna be right there."

"Canada has an immigration policy you might want to emulate. They want more skilled and educated immigrants. In fact, that's all they take. But, see, since nobody's watching them and they're not a superpower, nobody really cares. So they are allowed to act in their best interests."

"The Senate amnesty bill is a disaster! Even Rubio is trying to walk back from it. The Senate amnesty bill is utterly unworkable."

"Does anybody in here really believe the Democrats are not ideologues? That is all they are! Everything to the Democrats is political."

"These leftists, they love Europe. They want to be just like Europe. You know, there's no talk radio in Europe. That's why they think Europe is bliss."

"We have the most immigration in the world in this country. Why isn't that enough?"

"When the United States of America does things in its best interests, it is hated. I'm sorry, that just ticks me off."

"A lot of people beg me for rides. It's amazing, but they do. If I happen to be going where they're going and I don't mind, I'll warn 'em, "I'm gonna smoke a cigar. It's my living room," and they all say, "Okay." But my point is that even if they're nonsmokers aboard, screw them. It's my airplane, it's my cabin, it's my living room, and I smoke cigars up there."

"Everybody in London waiting for the birth of the royal baby so they can be part of the story. The Brits do that. They wait for some big event and they all go to wherever it's happening and they leave flowers and notes and pictures so they can say they were part of the story."

"All they need is 51% depending on government and they'll never lose an election. They'll have never-ending power, and that's what they want, and that's the quest, and they don't care what it costs in terms of national debt, gross domestic product, economic damage, they don't care."


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