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Happy Anniversary to My Cousin Steve and His Wife Marsha
RUSH: Folks, I am off tomorrow.  It's that time of year, annual member-guest golf tournament.  Oh, and you know what else is happening this weekend?  I'm probably gonna embarrass them by doing this, and I am so unhappy I can't be there, but I have this commitment every year to play in this member-guest golf tournament.  My cousin Steve, Steve Jr., and his beautiful wife Marsha are celebrating their 40th anniversary this weekend, and they've got this big, big family to-do and I was sick when I had to write the decline e-mail.  But a commitment is a commitment. 

So they're breaking out the finest food and the silverware you use once every 10 years and the plates you use once every 10 years.  They're just going full bore.  So I wanted to wish them well.  They are the parents of Stephen II, whose video playing the piano of the Star-Spangled Banner with the Bush bobblehead doll I told you about three weeks ago, and their other son Chris is the prosecuting attorney in Cape Girardeau.

Nanny Bloomberg Declares War on Escalators and Elevators
RUSH: Bloomberg is coming out against escalators.  Mayor Doomberg is trying to shut down escalators so people will walk up the stairs in order to be healthier.  "First he came after the cigarettes. Then the trans-fats. Then the super-sized drinks," and salt. Now it's elevators and escalators.

Drink to Unfreeze Your Brain
RUSH: You know, I have a story here.  I didn't get to this.  Another one of these medical stories.  Let me summarize this for you.  It's about water and the brain.  Have you ever had a brain freeze? Have you ever had writer's block?  Your brain just stops and you're confused and you forget what you were gonna say?  The latest medical mumbo jumbo says that is because of brain dehydration.  They say that when you have brain lock, brain freeze, drink a glass of water.  The absolute best brain food there is is water, because the brain needs to be hydrated. 

And get this stat.  You know, all of the health experts say you gotta get out there and you gotta work up a good sweat.  This story says that 90 minutes of sweating is the worst thing that can happen to the brain, that 90 minutes sweating, as in a workout or what have you, does just terrible damage to the brain, shrinks it.  Dehydration brought on by perspiration actually destroys brain cells, much like they say that alcohol does.  The story says, however, to reverse this, drink some water, rehydrate the brain, even a cocktail or a beer can be a great way to unlock your brain when it seems to have stopped working in the thought process area.

The Bill and Hil Principle: Husbands Still Determine What the Little Lady Makes
 RUSH:  From the UK Daily Mail: "Women who marry 'poorer' spouses make more money over time, while those who have higher-earning husbands take home less, new research has found.  Economists who tracked University of Chicago MBA graduates for more than a decade discovered that choice of partner is an important factor in a woman's earning power." 

So what does that mean?  It means no matter what you do, a man is still determining how "the little lady" gets paid.  (laughing)  Well, what other conclusion can you come to?  What did you think? Before you knew, what did you think the survey was gonna say? (interruption) "The secret to higher earnings for women is to marry a poor man."  Well, it stands to reason. (interruption)  Yeah.  You have to work harder.

If you marry some poor slob, and you want to live well, it's gonna be up to you.  But if you marry a higher-earning husband, you'll take home less.  One of the reasons for that is that wherever the woman is employed, the boss will say, "Well, your husband does well, and you got two incomes, so we don't need to pay you as much."  That probably happens, and vice-versa.  I've been employed at places where single people got bigger raises than married people because there were two incomes. 

The boss said, "You don't need as big a raise 'cause your spouse works," but the single person got a raise. That may be the key to it.  So according to this, who a woman marries is one of the biggest determinants in how much money she will earn.  If he is some poor schlub, she makes more.  It's not her degrees, it's not her experience, it's not her talent. It's who she marries. 

See, that's what the story is saying, that a woman's fate is still tied to whatever kind of guy she ends up with.  Now the survey here -- and here are the numbers, by the way.  "Women whose husbands earn less than $100,000 tend to make more money than those married to wealthier men. But the greatest impact on a woman's ambitions is caused by time off to have children." That is said to be the number one determining factor in women's salaries. 

Those who take time off to have children don't earn as much as the women who punt on children.  Now, are there real-life case studies that we can look to?  There might be.  Let's examine the Clintons, and let's go back to college days for the Clintons.  Bill was at Yale.  Hillary was at Wellesley and then ended up at Yale, and at some point... We don't know the order of events here, but at some point Hillary decided to hitch her wagon to Bill and follow him wherever he went and take over wherever he went and ended up. 

Now, Bill also made, at some point (and for reasons we'll never know), the decision to hook up with Hillary.  Well, I don't mean "hook up" in the modern vernacular.  He made the decision to marry Hillary.  That, we will never know.  It's just gonna be one of those eternal mysteries.  But then they left their university neighborhoods, and they went where?  They went to the swamp!  They went to domestic jungle known as Arkansas. 

That's how elitists look at it.  It's not me. 

I grew up in Missouri. 

But I'm telling you: To Northeastern liberals, Arkansas may as well be as big a slave state as Mississippi was.  It's South, it's hotter than hell, people have strange accents, and there's a lot of sand instead of soil.  It's just something they notice.  They go to Arkansas and they don't even see real dirt.  They see sand, and they say, "This place must have been under water a lot longer than New York was, and therefore the people that came out of the ocean here are stupider than we are." 

So they go there, and Bill returns home.  Arkansas is his home.  Hillary needs a visa.  Bill runs for governor.  The gubernatorial salary is $25,000.  Hillary goes to the Rose Law Firm and earns six figures.  So the survey data applies to the Clintons, because Bill was poor.  Bill even, at one time, drove an El Camino.  He put Astroturf in the back as a compromise, 'cause there was no backseat in an El Camino.  The backseat was... What do you call it? A trailer, deck? 

So Bill, rather than have to use the factory metal, put some Astroturf on it, and later in life joked about it, often, and how productive he was on that Astroturf in the El Camino.  But he's running around, and for years he's making a gubernatorial salary 25 grand, and Hillary's the breadwinner. Hillary is earning six figures. Hillary's learning the stock market. She's making a killing in cattle futures and pork bellies and things like that. 

She even tried her hand at overnight real estate wealth.  It's called Whitewater.  And Bill, while he's making 25 grand, is running around with TV infobabes and pole dancers.  And Hillary's out plugging away. The survey works in the case of the Clintons.  Damn, if that isn't amazing.  How about that?  It actually works.  The poorer the man, the higher the salary of the wife will be. 

John Kerry? The same thing.  John Kerry was the same thing.  John Kerry, I mean, he literally had nothing until one of his best friend's wives began to appeal to him.  It was John Heinz, who then unfortunately died in a helicopter crash, which opened the door for Kerry. So now Kerry's in there windsurfing and doing the stuff that elite rich people do, and screwing up the State Department.  In fact, you can look at a lot of people, a lot of elites on the left, and you can find that this is true.

Nobody at the British Open
RUSH: Yeah, I've been watching the open championship, the British Open.  I've had it up there on ESPN.  Now, I know it's Thursday, opening day, and I know that Tiger's playing, but there's nobody there.  I mean, the galleries are around Tiger, and maybe one or two other players, but all the stands, the bleachers -- and it's a beautiful day over there.  I think they're all waiting for the birth of the royal baby.  Everybody in London waiting for the birth of the royal baby so they can be part of the story.  The Brits do that. They wait for some big event and they all go to wherever it's happening and they leave flowers and notes and pictures so they can say they were part of the story. 

SD Mayor to Speak at Sexual Harassment Event?
RUSH:  "San Diego Mayor Refuses to Resign After Sexual Harassment Claims."  Who harassed him?  (interruption) Oh.  Oh, he harassed.  Well, he's a Democrat?  It's not gonna be any big deal.  "San Diego Mayor Refuses to Resign After Sexual Harassment Claims."  It's totally understandable.  It's not a big deal anymore.  Democrats do it.  Watch.  I guarantee you'll have Democrat analysts on television excusing it and saying it's Republican playing dirty politics again.

They'll say this man needs his privacy, needs to work through the issues and so forth.  Just send Clinton out there to do a fundraiser for the Clinton Global Initiative and include this guy. He can always say he was harassed by a couple of them and that's where he learned how. What do you...? (interruption) Democrats are never held to the standard that Republicans are. For crying out loud, look! Clinton is the biggest star the Democrat Party has right now. 

I mean, he's bigger than Obama. 

He's still bigger than Obama with the nostalgia crowd, the fundraising crowd and all that.  You know this date? This is July 18th. Do you know what happened on this date in 1969? (interruption)  You really don't?  Wow.  Look, with this San Diego mayor, it's just sex.  What's the big deal?  Did it prevent him from leading, doing his job?  Probably not. 


Holy cow.  This guy, this mayor out in out in San Diego, Bob Filner is his name, and according to the ABC affiliate, KGTV San Diego: "Mayor Bob Filner has agreed to be the keynote speaker at a benefit for sexual assault victims." When was that gonna be?  Are they doing that now?  This has to be something that was before this.  He can't... They couldn't... I wouldn't put it past 'em, but I can't believe that.  I'll check.


RUSH:  Okay.  Here you go.  It's from yesterday, San Diego. "10News has learned Mayor Bob Filner has agreed to be the keynote speaker at a benefit for sexual assault victims. A women veterans group tells 10News the mayor's camp has just confirmed the appearance. Filner was originally scheduled to attend as an award recipient."  The headline is: "Mayor Bob Filner to Deliver Keynote Address at Benefit for Sexual Assault Victims." And this part you gotta love: "Filner was originally scheduled to attend as an award recipient."  I understand Bill Clinton getting the Lifetime Achievement Award at the sexual harassment convention that this Filner guy is appearing at.


You expressed surprise he's not resigning.  Hell, he's not resigning, he's getting an award.  And he's a keynote speaker at an event, I guess, on how to do it.  And that's why I say --


No, of course he's not gonna deny it. Snerdley, it is a different age.  America is changing.  This isn't the forties anymore.  This isn't even the nineties anymore.  You better get with it.  He's not denying it.  He's going to be keynoting a speech about it, probably will give instructions on how to do it, and Bill Clinton as the lifetime award recipient.


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