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Pearls of Wisdom

"Our experience is that the press can convince people living in a boom economy that they're not, so then it stands to reason they can convince people in a recession that they're living in a boom economy."

"We fought a war for independence so we wouldn't have to care about the royal baby, did we not?"

"I get so tired of the assumption that everything wrong with the Republican Party is because we're not liberal enough, because we're not like Democrats enough, 'cause that's what broaden the outreach means."

"I know liberals better than they know themselves. Because the one thing most liberals are not honest with is themselves."

"The only way the middle class can grow is if the places they work grow."

"Obama is going to claim it's his policies that are responsible for everything good. Meanwhile, anything bad is due to the Republicans. This may rank as Obama's biggest big lie so far."

"We have a gal from Draper, Virginia -- her name's Tina -- on hold, and she has a fabulous question. I almost wanna steal it, her observation is so good. I don't often hear anything I want to steal from anybody, but... In fact, let me get it now, 'cause if I don't take the call I'm gonna steal it from her and she's gonna accuse me of stealing her thunder and she'd be right."

"If you ask the American people issue by issue by issue, a majority of the American people oppose every agenda item Obama has. Obamacare, amnesty, you name it. A majority oppose it, and yet his approval numbers were sky-high."

"Hey, folks, did Obama tell Joe the Plumber that the economy works from the middle out? He didn't tell Joe the Plumber that, did he? This is just Obama's latest edition of class warfare recast and reimaged."

"That's how the rich get rich. They steal it from the poor. The mathematics on that has never made sense to me, but that's what the left claims."

"Obama is gonna pretend, in the upcoming months, that the economy has rebounded tremendously and that his policies are responsible for it -- and while he's claiming this, he's going to say that high unemployment or low economic growth is due to the Republicans blocking his policies by way of gridlock. It's gonna be one of his biggest lies yet."

'Despite Benghazi, despite Obamacare, despite every one of his policies being supported by a minority of the population, why did he get elected? Okay, let's talk Republicans lousy campaign. They didn't know how to get their base out. Whatever. He still got reelected in the midst of all this. He still got reelected. George H. W. Bush lost with an economy much better than this that the press and the Clintons were saying was 'the worst in 50 years.'"

"Obama is gonna sell we've gotta take more money from the rich and we've gotta raise taxes on businesses and we gotta get that money to the middle class where it will cause the economy to grow. That's not how this happens. Just like the government takes from the private sector, the private sector shrinks. You take money away from the rich and business owners and entrepreneurs, you get less of what they do, including employment."

"I don't need anybody looking out for me. I do that. I don't want to have to depend on somebody else, 'cause there isn't anybody else that's gonna care as much about me and my life and my wants and needs as much as I do. So why should I turn all that over to them? I don't. You shouldn't, either."

"When people in the country do well, the country does better. And there's nothing wrong with people taking care of themselves. And that's all "you're on your own" means, taking care of yourself. You're gonna do a much better job of it than somebody else because nobody's gonna care as much about you as you do."


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