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Obama Voted to Strengthen "Stand Your Ground" Laws in Illinois
RUSH: I had the story yesterday, and I didn't bother getting to it, there were other things, but it's the story that Obama voted when he was senator in Illinois to strengthen the Illinois stand-your-ground law in 2004, and of course he's now opposed to that.  This is no different than Obama once being opposed to gay marriage, now all for it.

Punkin Comes Home from Hospital
RUSH:  Well, folks, there's good news today.  Our 16-year-old cat, Punkin, is on the way home at this moment from the cat hospital after three weeks of hospitalization. She needed a couple of injections twice a day for a urinary tract infection.  She's okay. 

"Carlos Danger"! Weiner Admits to More Photos and Texts
RUSH:  Get this.  "New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner admitted on Tuesday to sending additional explicit photos and texts to a woman he met online."  He used the name Carlos Danger.  I wonder what the Hispanics think of that, Carlos Danger.


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