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Drive-Bys Mock Another Obama "Pivot" to Economy
RUSH: So Obama is getting ready to make one of a number of speeches upcoming in the next couple of months, laser like focus on the economy for the 19th time.  The media is mocking this.  F. Chuck Todd is calling it deja pivot, as in deja vu.  A lot of the other media, "Been there, done that." 

AP even: "Obama’s Latest Economic Push has Familiar Feel -- If President Barack Obama's new focus on the economy sounds familiar, that's because he's done it before. Since the first year of his presidency, Obama has been launching -- and re-launching -- initiatives on the economy. Some came with new policy proposals, others with catchy slogans.  Remember 2011's 'Winning the Future' campaign? Or the 'We Can't Wait' initiatives that followed later that year? Just a few months ago, Obama was headlining the 'Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour.' So far there's no slogan attached to the White House's latest initiative --" Yes, there is.  Yes, there is.  It's a "we're all in this together economy. We're gonna build it from the middle-out."  There is a new slogan.  We talked about it yesterday

CBS Poll: 54% Disapprove of Obamacare
RUSH: CBS News poll:  "CBS News Poll Finds More Americans Than Ever Want Obamacare Repealed -- A new CBS News poll finds more Americans than ever want [Obamacare] repealed. According to the poll, 36% of Americans want Congress to expand or keep [it] while 39% want Congress to repeal it -- the highest percentage seen in CBS News polls." But most polls are in the fifties, the mid-fifties, and some are even close to 60% who want it repealed -- and even in the CBS poll, 54% disapprove of it. 

So in the CBS poll, 54% disapprove of Obamacare, but only 39% want it repealed.  "The health care law is a chronic issue for the White House, CBS News political director John Dickerson said on CBS This Morning. ... Dickerson said, 'The feeling, basically, is, again, speeches are not going to change public opinion; this has got to start taking hold. People will start signing up and, the White House hopes, good things will start to happen once it kicks in, and that might turn around public opinion, but that's a ways away.'"

So apparently the White House thinks, "Yeah, well, as soon as people sign up -- as soon as this gets kicking, rolling -- people are gonna love it." 

That isn't gonna happen. 

The sad thing is that they're not gonna have much choice when it really kicks in. 

LA Times Columnist: You Can't Trust Huma
RUSH: A piece in the LA Times just brought to my attention by a woman named Robin Abcarian.  "Hate to say it, but you can’t trust a woman whose husband has been screwing around. A year ago, Anthony Weiner," also known as Carlos Danger, a "white Hispanic,"  "and Huma Abedin posed for People magazine, and talked about how they’d worked to repair their marriage after his first sexting scandal forced him to resign his congressional seat in 2011. 'Anthony has spent every day since trying to be the best dad and husband he can be,' Abedin told People, as the couple launched a carefully orchestrated lead-in to Weiner’s announcement that he would run for mayor of New York. Right around the time he was photographed for People holding his young son, Jordan, as his loving wife perched next to them, Weiner had begun a new sexting relationship, with a 22-year-old woman."

By the way, I should have mentioned the new woman worked for Organizing for America, the Obama website.  "The photo he sent her, published Tuesday by a raunchy gossip website called The Dirty, was even more graphic than the one that drove him from office."  And she cites what Huma said at the press conference yesterday and said Huma's "assurances mean nothing about his future behavior. History shows that wives who vouch for their badly behaving political husbands do so at their own peril. Take the Clintons," for example. Then she says, "You can’t overlook the Schwarzeneggers."

"History shows that wives who vouch for their badly behaving political husbands do so at their own peril. Anthony Weiner's wife wants to reassure us. Don't trust her."  That is Robin Abcarian in the Los Angeles Times.  Just putting it out there.


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