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Morning Update: Revolution

Enter, the Chicago Teachers Union, whose officials recently organized a two-week trip to Honduras to meet with Manuel Zelaya. They brought students along. The goals: to learn about the Honduran Resistance Movement, and to exchange ideas “about the struggle for a world where human lives have more value than private profit.”

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The Real Story of the 1995 Budget Battle and Government Shutdown

RUSH: That 1995 budget battle is perhaps one of the most (if not the most) formative, negative experiences in the memory of the Republican Party... They are scared to death of having that repeated. But it wasn't bad. They set the stage for a lot of good policy. They increased their hold in the Senate. Clinton ended up signing welfare reform. Substantive, good things happened. But the media killed 'em, and that's what they remember. And it's got them paralyzed. Every Republican leadership since is afraid of having it happen again.


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