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49er Finds Out on Twitter That He Lost $2M

 RUSH: How would you like to be trolling around Twitter and read that you just lost $2 million that you didn't know you had a chance to earn? "San Francisco 49ers starting cornerback Tarell Brown has voided a $2 million escalator in his contract after he chose not to participate in the team's voluntary offseason program." These are called OTAs, and by league rule and player union agreement, they're voluntary. But that's in quotes. The coaches expect you there. But it's voluntary and this guy didn't show up. It's the offseason, the Fort'iners were in the playoffs late in the season, a long season, so he took advantage of the time here to cram in some personal time.

He's trolling around Twitter on Thursday and learned that because he didn't show up at the offseason practices he lost $2 million. He had a contract clause that paid him a $2 million bonus if he showed up. So he's reading Twitter and he finds out. He didn't know it was in the contract. So he fired his agent, a guy by the name of Brian Overstreet. "Brown had been due to earn $2.925 million in salary for the 2013 season." He was supposed to get $2 million as a bonus for showing up at the offseason workouts. And he said, "Had he known about the $2 million, he would have done things differently."

How do you not know that? I mean, if you had $2 million coming, I mean, when you sign the contract you get the details of it. The agent might forget to remind you, but, for crying out loud, how in the world did you not know that $2 million is coming your way if you do this or do that or whatever. Can you imagine? When they sign the contract they're told what the deal is before they sign it, and the agent, "You show up for offseason workouts, that's two million. And your salary is this million, and at the end of the year your total is gonna be X."


Well, that's what I'm saying. You'd remember that you gotta show up at the offseason workouts if $2 million was tied to it. I would think you'd remember it. But this may be a low-information guy.

KTVU Fires Producers After Asiana Pilot Names Prank

RUSH: The TV station in Oakland, KTVU Eyeball News 2, has reportedly fired three of its staffers over the gaffe publishing those fake Asian names of the flight crew: Pilot Sum Ting Wong, Flight Engineer Ho Lee Fuk, Copilot Wi Tu Lo, and Flight Attendant Bang Ding Ow. They fired three people. Three producers were let go by the station last Saturday. I think about that happening, and I still can't believe it.

Somebody had to put that in the prompter, somebody had to approve it being in the prompter, and then the anchorette had to read it in the air! That had to go through three or four people unnoticed. I was reading Phil Mushnick today in the New York Post. He was writing about this and the joke about anchors and teleprompters. A producer could write anchor's own obituary, and they'd read it.

"Hi, I'm such-and-such, TV 2 Eyeball News, and I'm dead."

You could put that in there, and they'd read it. It's a standing joke.

Cape Girardeau Makes Least Expensive Places to Live List

RUSH: I've got a story here, "The 8 Least Expensive Places to Live in the US," and number five is my hometown. Number five is Cape Girardeau, Missouri. What do they say about it? "Cape Girardeau-Jackson..." Jackson's a suburb. "Unemployment in the Cape Girardeau-Jackson, Missouri-Illinois, metropolitan area..."

"Metro." (laughing) "Unemployment ... is just 5.9%. The BLS data show that average prices paid by consumers for the mix of goods and services consumed in the area are about 17.1 percent below the national average. Sperling's data show that the overall cost of living in the area is 92% of the national average. Median home cost is 76.6% the average, and property tax is well below average." Boy, is it. You know, I'd love to give you some numbers on that, but I'd be ashamed. I mean, property tax here in Florida compared to what it is in the Cape? It's dollars to pennies.

NBC's Dr. Snyderman Advises Viewers to Wash Hands, Fresh Produce

RUSH: We have some new health food news today.

How many of you out there believe in fresh fruits and vegetables? I mean, that's the way to go. That's healthy. That's calorically responsibly. That will promote long life. You might never die! It's simply the best thing to do. Well, according to the Today show today, "As the number of people sickened by a parasite that causes intestinal illness rose to 285, Dr. Nancy Snyderman offered this simple yet vitally important advice on Today Thursday: Wash your hands and wash your produce."

How pathetic have we become where have to have a television show remind people to wash their hands and their produce? "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating an outbreak of cyclospora infection, which has affected people in at least nine states from New Jersey to Texas. Ten people reportedly have been hospitalized because of the parasite..." It causes bad diarrhea, whatever is going round, just beware, folks, and make sure you wash your hands and wash the produce.

Silda Decides to Divorce Client No. 9

RUSH: Silda Spitzer said she's gonna divorce Client No. 9 after the election in November. She says it's just too tough. It's just too hard. She just can't do it anymore.


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