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Morning Update: Royal Interview

Barack Obama blessed The New York Times with a rare personal interview. He told The Times that “upward mobility” used to be “part and parcel” of our American identity. But now, “income inequality” is undermining the social fabric, and belief in opportunity.

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I'm Not Going Anywhere, Folks

RUSH: There was another Politico story that ran last night about this program and the radio stations that it is on, and is going to be on, in the future. And someday, someday I am looking so forward to being able to detail all of this for you, but suffice it to say nothing is gonna happen that you will notice. Nothing is going to change. You are gonna be able to get this radio program on as many, if not more, radio stations down the road than it's on now, and what you're being treated to is just a public business negotiation. 

The Clintons are Ticked Off at the Weiners

RUSH: The Clintons are really mad that the Weiners are saying that Huma is just like Hillary.  The Clintons are running around behind the scenes saying, how dare they compare Huma to Hillary.  Hillary was the First Lady.  Hillary was a senator.  She was a secretary of state.  She was also a doormat, just like Huma is.  That's what the comparison is. The Clintons are livid. 

Hunter Mahan and the Media Myth of the Uncaring Man

RUSH: You know what's gonna happen here?  I don't know Hunter Mahan, but I know what's gonna happen.  He's gonna hear that I was ripping him, and he's gonna be asked about it, and I have not done that. I want it perfectly understood: I don't even know him.  I'm reacting to the way the media covered this, pure and simple.  Any of you who know Hunter Mahan, I want you to tell him this, because I know this is gonna get mischaracterized.

Caller Wants Sarah to Lead Conservatives

CALLER: You really got Washington, the establishment, against the American people. The current Republican establishment is tied at the hip with the Democrats.  So basically you've got a new second party, really forming around what Sarah Palin is saying, and she could be the titular leader.  She's the head of it.


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