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Pearls of Wisdom

"If Weiner sending photos of his member to young girls on the Internet sickens you, well, then why doesn't what happened with Clinton's wiener sicken you?"

"The Clintons are ticked off at the Weiners. Oh, big time. The Clintons are really mad that the Weiners are saying that Huma is just like Hillary. The Clintons are running around behind the scenes saying, how dare they compare Huma to Hillary. Hillary was the First Lady. Hillary was a senator. She was a secretary of state. She was also a doormat, just like Huma is. That's what the comparison is."

"You are gonna be able to get this radio program on as many, if not more, radio stations down the road than it's on now, and as always, what's on the table for this program is growth."

"Folks, stay right where you are. Do not go anywhere for a couple of minutes. Actually, I know that you don't anyway."

"The media and the Democrats, if they are to be consistent, ought to be defending Weiner all the time. They didn't have a problem with what Clinton did. The media didn't have a problem with Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. What did he do? He destroyed the life of a 19-year-old. He was having oral sex in the White House, in the Oval Office, with a 19-year-old intern."

"The Democrats don't end up in disfavor; we do. And why? Because there's a bunch of lies about us, and we never counter them. We get afraid of the lies, and then we start trying to change our behavior to prove that we're being lied about. It never works."

"So the strategery now, capitulate, and that's wisdom, and that's how we win. We let them have it. We let them own it and it'll implode and the American people will see, and then we win big. I don't like that way of winning."

"I think one of the realities is there are a lot of Republicans who really don't have a problem with Obamacare. It's government, and government's okay. It's government. Government's good. It's government."

"So the definition of rebuilding a "normal family" is Weiner doing Huma's laundry. Let me ask you a question: Do you think Weiner stopped sexting on the day his baby was born? I'm just asking. Since the whole thing has come up here, did Weiner stop sexting on the day his baby was born?"

"The Democrats are also opposing fracking, wherever fracking happens. If we would authorize fracking we could put the Middle East out of business. We wouldn't need their oil."

"Washington is a government town. Everybody there -- I used to think it was just liberals. But there are too many Republicans now peddling this capitulation as strategy and political victory, 'cause they don't have a problem with government. McCain's one of them. He doesn't have a problem with government. Loves it, in fact. And whatever government does is fine."

"When Obamacare was passed, there was all this repeal energy, and all these Republicans assured all their voters that that's what they were gonna do. Romney said it was the first thing he was gonna do if he was elected. Well, he wasn't so that's down the tubes. Then the Supreme Court renders their decision, and the Republicans, once again, they rev everybody up, all their voters. They tell 'em that they're gonna repeal it, gonna make it happen. They're gonna work hard. The American people don't want it. The polling data continues to show that an increasing number of Americans don't want this -- including now, union members that voted for Obama."

"I've been behind this mic 25 years, and every Republican strategy to not do something is, 'The Democrats are gonna blame us!' Well, they do anyway."

"Building from the middle-out. See, I know what Obama's trying to do. He's trying to do. He's trying to forge a commonality or common ground with the middle class and making them think that they make it all happen, making them think that it all starts with them. It's a cheap solidarity ploy."

"Obama is just confirming it here: racial tensions won't get better, they may get worse. Can you imagine a president of the United States predicting worsening racial tensions because the benefits pie is gonna cut up into smaller pieces?"


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