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Liberals Blame Capitalism for Detroit's Demise
RUSH: Hurricane Katrina vanden Heuvel was on ABC yesterday saying that capitalism destroyed Detroit.  By the way, in addition to Katrina vanden Heuvel, there are a number of Drive-By Media stories that happened over the weekend and this morning that are oriented toward making as many people as possible believe that everything you've heard about Detroit's bankruptcy isn't true.  That it isn't due to liberalism. It isn't due to unions. It isn't due to Democrat mayors. It isn't due to the Democrat Party.  So the spinmeisters are in gear. The liberals, wherever they are to be found, Democrat Party and the media circling the wagons, as they always will, as they always do to protect the ideology, to protect the lifestyle, to protect the cause.  Even in the midst of so glaring and obvious a failure as Detroit, they're still undertaking a massive effort to see to it if they can convince people that capitalism and the pursuit of happiness and the American dream led by corporate entities is responsible for what happened to Detroit.  So we'll get to that. 

Cannes Jewel Heist
RUSH:  Did you hear about the big jewel heist in Cannes, 35 million pounds worth of jewels?  The British pounds, not weight.  A lot of money.  It was at the Carlton International Hotel, which is where the Hitchcock movie To Catch a Thief was filmed. If you've seen it, it was filmed at that hotel and the surrounding environs.  Funny, great movie. 

Anyway, CNN just had a banner up on the screen that said, "Robber Steals $163 Million Worth of Jewels from Posh Hotel." The robber took the jewels while unarmed.  The security guards just watched.  Now, is CNN all of a sudden encouraging security guards having guns, maybe even shooting people when they're just stealing property?  What's the big deal about the security guards being unarmed?  Does CNN think they should be? 

And if they do, isn't that a little hypocritical?

CNN: Mexican Prostitutes Find Their Voice, Become Journalists
RUSH:  I tell you what, folks -- this is unbelievable.  (laughing) I don't believe what I just saw.  "Mexican prostitutes find their voice."  That's the latest news on CNN.  Learning journalism so they can tell their stories.  (laughing)  No, it's not that prostitutes and journalism is news, that's not the story.  Prostitutes and journalism go together.  (laughing) I do not believe I saw this.  Prostitutes in Mexico get their story out.  Yeah, find their voice.  Mexican prostitutes find their voice.  And this is, I guess, related to what, amnesty?  Why else would we be concerned with whether or not Mexican prostitutes can talk? 

New Zealand to Chef: You're Too Fat
RUSH: Folks, I just glanced up, "South African Chef 'Too Fat' to Live in New Zealand."  That's the next story on CNN.  Mexican prostitutes find their voice.  It's a good thing, that's what that means, it's a good thing.  Mexican prostitutes find their voice.  Learning journalism to tell their stories. (laughing)

Do the American People Want to Watch a Woman Age in Office?
RUSH: (interruption) What about what?  Yeah.  Yeah.  Snerdley's reminding me of a question I once asked, "Do the American people want to watch a woman age in the Oval Office" and so forth, and there was just a picture of that very phenomenon up there, and it stopped us all cold, I have to tell you that. 


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