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Morning Update: Distribution

After months of threats, thousands of fast-food workers are now on strike. They’re on the streets, demanding higher wages, in seven major cities: New York City, Chicago, Saint Louis, Milwaukee, Kansas City, Flint, and Detroit. Yes. That Detroit. Bankrupt, barely-hanging-on-life-support Detroit.

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Another Day, Another A-Rod Story... Scary: CBC Wants Jackson Lee to Succeed Big Sis... San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Offends Me...

Greta Interrupted My Show Prep!

RUSH: I told Greta Van Susteren that I would sit down for an interview with her here in the studio for her Fox television show.  She has been asking me for the past week, and I said, "No."  And she kept asking, and I said, "No, I don't like television."  I said, "No, I don't want to be on TV."  And finally I get up at seven in the morning and there are two e-mails from Greta saying, "Please, please."  I had to do it, to stop the e-mails.  So I did it.

Roger Goodell and the NFL Will Be Shocked to Learn Rush Limbaugh Speaks for Them

RUSH: I am apparently a spokesman for the National Football League.  This afternoon on the House floor, the American Samoan Delegate Eni Faleomavaega, Democrat from American Samoa, spoke about me and my comments on the Redskins as the name of the team in Washington. (laughing) This is choice.  This is one of those where I say, "I really wish my father were alive to see this, his son, who didn't finish college, being ripped to shreds, in this instance on the floor of the House."

Rush's Interview with Greta Van Susteren

RUSH: I've never seen a president get away with four and a half years of not being seen as responsible for anything he's done.  He can't be stopped. The Republicans don't have any power. All they can do, maybe, if they get the cojones, is stop things, but they can't make anything happen.  The Republicans are totally powerless in terms of legislation and Washington.


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