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Liberal State of Hawaii Wants to Deport Their Homeless... Pew: Half of Republicans Want More Conservatism...  Poll: Less Than Half of Country Believes Obama Wants to Help Middle Class... Women at Merrill Lynch Ordered to Seduce Their Way to the Top?

If the Majority of the American People are Against Obamacare, Why are the Republicans So Afraid to Oppose It?

RUSH:  I am trying to understand the Republican Party... Why are they afraid to even express opposition to Obamacare, I mean, in a believable, powerful way that would reach out and connect with what is a majority of the American people... The Republicans know the Democrats are always gonna be Santa Claus.  The Democrats are Santa Claus, and the Republicans are never gonna be Santa Claus.  But maybe, just maybe, if they ask nicely, the Democrats will let the Republicans be the elves at the North Pole.

Feminism! Politico Made New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson Cry

RUSH: How many people just in all walks of life have journalists at the New York Times targeted to destroy, to damage, to harm?  And here's the woman that runs the operation admitting that she cried over something written about her in the media.  They're making fun of her out there, because feminists aren't supposed to cry.  You know, Patsy Schroeder broke down and cried when she decided that she couldn't win the presidency. 

The Mess Made by Republican Consultants

originalRUSH: The vast majority of independents oppose Obamacare.  They never have liked it -- and in this instance, for some reason the Republicans don't care about the independents.  Not in this one instance. I guess the consultants are telling the Republicans, "No, no. The independents, they're wrong on this."


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