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Liberal State of Hawaii Wants to Deport Their Homeless
RUSH: UK Daily Mail story.  Hawaii has set aside $100,000 to offer all 17,000 homeless people there one-way airfare back to the mainland.  Wherever their home states are.  Whatever their home state is, if they know, if they remember.  "Hawaii is hoping to take the burden off its welfare system by saying aloha to its 17,000 homeless residents.  The state will offer one-way tickets home to any eligible homeless person to anywhere in the continental United States.  Hawaii has allotted $100,000 for a three year trial run of the so-called 'return-to-home' program, which could also even offer participants beds on cruise ships bound for their homes."

That's how badly Hawaii wants to be rid of them.  I thought, you know, the homeless, every Christmas we're told to be very, very understanding and compassionate of the homeless because, you know, Mary and Joseph were homeless, and the next savior could come from the homeless, we've gotta be really compassionate and understanding.  Now, Hawaii is full-fledged Democrat and leftist, Democrat and worse.  And they're tired of 'em.  (interruption) No, if you're homeless and you want a vacation in Hawaii, don't go there, 'cause they're gonna kick you out.  They're gonna give you money to get back home. (interruption) Oh, okay.  So get a one-way ticket to Hawaii, and then go on the homeless rolls for a while until they find you and then they'll kick you out and get a free vacation, and a free trip back home. 

Now, imagine this.  Let's say that they actually implement this.  Can you imagine airline flights leaving Hawaii?  They've got all these vacationers, which would include a bunch of liberals, I mean, liberals go to Hawaii.  Got all these liberal whiners and do-gooders having a cow over all of these mean and evil Republicans and the new laws being enacted and so forth, anti-homeless and so forth, and it's been the Democrats, "We must help these people." It's the Democrats that have had Dumpster diving videos, you know, how to eat healthfully from a Dumpster.  And it's been the Democrats who've been telling the Republicans and everybody else that it's the Republicans that are cold-hearted and mean-spirited and don't care about the homeless and don't have any compassion for 'em, and now Hawaii stands up and is basically saying, "We will pay to get rid of you.  All you have to do is show up and we'll put you on a one-way flight outta here." 

Now, imagine you're on the flight, you're a liberal vacationer, time to go home and some guy's trying to get on the airplane with his shopping cart and put it in the overhead compartment.  And the flight attendant says, "No, you can't bring the shopping cart on board.  It won't fit.  And, no, you can't check the shopping cart."  The homeless might refuse to go if they can't take their home with 'em.  And wait 'til the cruise ships, wait 'til the cruise lines get a load of this.  (laughing)  Seriously, folks.  A hundred thousand dollars to just get rid of 'em. 

Hawaii has no more compassion.  They don't have any more money.  They don't have any ability to take care of them.  They just want them gone.  What if other states started doing the same type of thing?

Pew: Half of Republicans Want More Conservatism
RUSH: First off from Politico.  Listen to this headline: "GOP Poll:  Half Want a More Conservative Party," 54%.  "Nearly two-thirds of Republicans want their party to change its direction, and more than half say they want the party to become more conservative, according to a new poll.


"When asked if Republicans just need to make a stronger case on its positions or whether it needs to reconsider some of those positions, 59% of GOP voters surveyed in a new Pew Research Center poll said the party needs to reconsider some policies, while 36% said it just needed to make a stronger case" for existing policies. "How the party should move, though, was more split.

"Just over half, 54%, of Republican voters said the party leaders should move in a more conservative direction, while 40% said they should be more moderate. The poll also showed the tea party is strong among primary voters, making up almost half of the Republican primary electorate." None of this is surprising to me.  It's the Tea Party, though, that the Republican Party wants to push away.  Seemingly. 

It's the Tea Party Caucus in the House that the leadership wants to push away.  It's Tea Party voters that the Republican Party doesn't seem crazy about.  Fifty-four percent of Republicans want a more Conservative Party.


RUSH:  By the way, the Pew Research Center, one little tidbit.  The highest of any Republican unfavorable in the Pew poll where I just talked about 54% want the party to be more conservative, don't like the current direction of the party, 54% want it more conservative.  Same poll, which Republican, among the Tea Party Republicans, got the highest unfavorable rating?  Who do you think it was?  I'll tell you.  Chris Christie.  The highest unfavorable rating among Tea Party Republicans.  Just a little tidbit.  Thought that I would throw that out there.  So it's either how Christie becomes a Democrat, or how the GOP dumps the Tea Party, one of the two things.  One of the two things has to happen. 

Poll: Less Than Half of Country Believes Obama Wants to Help Middle Class
RUSH: Second poll, from a website called PolitickerNJ.  It's a Monmouth University poll, and it finds that Obama commands limited credibility with the middle class.

Here is the money number: Less than half of the country believes that Obama wants to help the middle class.  "According to the poll, the American public is split on the veracity," the honesty, "of Obama's announcement that he wants to refocus the remainder of his term on helping the middle class.  Less than half (46%) believe the president when he says this, while exactly half (50%) do not believe him. 

"The vast majority of Democrats (78%) take the president at his word, but nearly all Republicans (87%) do not.  Independents tend to be more skeptical (54%) than trusting (42%) of the president’s claim." So here we go: 54% of independents do not think Obama is being honest when he says he wants to improve the middle class.  That is striking.  It's a New Jersey poll, Monmouth University. 

"Only 12% of Americans say the middle class has benefited a lot from Obama’s policies..." Only 12%.  Now, if this is accurate, if these numbers are accurate, what does that tell us?  Here we have on one hand a media which presents Obama as... (sigh) Well, the media, day in and day out, act as though Obama is the cat's meow. 

They don't really report data showing how popular Obama is, they just act like he is with them and therefore with everybody else.  Now, they will report Obama's dwindling approval numbers, but they don't give a lot of attention to it, they don't give a lot of weight to it, and they certainly don't report it as trouble, or as a crisis.  The overall way that Obama is presented every day is, by the media, more than acceptable, great guy, almost a king.  He's just what is.  And he's incapable of doing anything wrong.  It's just here's what he's doing today. 

There is no skepticism of Obama in the media. There is no distrust. There's no dislike. There's no suspicion of a man with this much power like their normally is.  The media normally distrusts anybody with power.  With Obama, there's none.  Just like there hardly is any with any Democrat.  But with Obama particularly, though.  So the impression, if all you do is watch mainstream media every day, you just assume by virtue of the way the media treats the guy that he's universally loved and adored, while you think that you're in a bubble, and you're the only person that doesn't like what's going on here.  And you scratch your head, and you say, "What in the world is happening to our country?  It's falling apart right before our eyes, and nobody cares." 

Well, it turns out, if this polling data is right, that over half the country doesn't believe him and over half country doesn't like what's happening.  But that is not reflected in any of the coverage of Obama.  Yet, when George Bush's approval numbers got below 50, that's all they talked about, was how disliked and distrusted George Bush was.  And they created a national mood and attitude about Bush.  Apparently we have a body politic which doesn't trust the guy and isn't happy and doesn't think that his policies are working, and they turn on the news every day and they don't see that reflected. 

Then you throw the low-information people in there who don't even know what we're talking about here, and it just ramps up even more confusion, and maybe even depression among people.  And then don't forget this Politico story, which is a Pew poll:  Fifty-four percent of Republicans want that party to become more conservative.  My point here is that circumstances are ideal for a renaissance if the Republican Party would simply take the ring.  There is a majority of people just waiting to be grabbed and connected with on any number of things that add up to opposing what is happening in this country from Washington.  It's a sitting duck for the Republican Party to take hold of.  They're not doing it.

Women at Merrill Lynch Ordered to Seduce Their Way to the Top?
RUSH:  Guess I have to talk about this tomorrow.  "Women at Merrill Lynch Were Ordered to 'Seduce' Their Way to the Top."  I can't wait to hear about that.  And we'll do it tomorrow, and whatever else between now and then.


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