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House Votes to Ban the IRS from Enforcing Obamacare
RUSH: The Politico is reporting the House of Representatives passed a bill, 232 to 185, to ban the IRS from enforcing Obamacare. It's 232-185, the House of Representatives passing a bill to ban the IRS from enforcing Obamacare. 

No Resolution for A-Rod Yet
RUSH: Still nothing on era Rod.  For four days -- well, longer than that.  But this week, four straight days, "Tomorrow, A-Rod may be suspended for the rest of his career."  Every day that's been the story.  Tomorrow it may happen.  Bud Selig may take the hammer down on A-Rod tomorrow.  Well, it's been tomorrow for the last three days, and nothing's happened.  And now the latest is that the Feds may be moving in to investigate A-Rod and this biogenesis plant down in Florida that dealt with anti-aging and human growth hormone.  That is thought to put additional pressure on A-Rod to make an agreement with Major League Baseball to settle, not fight it, take the suspension, and get out of there, 'cause nobody wants to fight the Feds.  But the sports media is drooling, can't wait for the lifetime ban to be handed down on A-Rod.  They just can't wait.  It's amazing to watch. 

Charlie Rangel Calls the Tea Party "White Crackers"
RUSH:  Hey, Snerdley, get this.  The news from TheHill.com.  New York.  Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel says the Tea Party activists are "white crackers."  But that's okay, he's black, he can say it. 


RUSH: A reporter with Breitbart just asked Rangel about the cracker remark.  Oh, he's denying it now?  Said he never said it?  Said it's a southern term that New Yorkers don't use?  Well, TheHill.com says that Rangel called Tea Party activists "white crackers." 

The Hill article is weird, I mean, I have to admit that.  They don't quote the line where Rangel uses the word "crackers."  Here's the Rangel line from Talking Points Memo.  "It's the same group we faced in the south with those white crackers and the dogs and the police.  They didn't care about how they looked."  The Tea Party activists are white crackers.  He's making a comparison.  Now, the people that Rangel's talking about here were Democrats, they were white Democrats. 

Obama Starts "Nudge Squad"
RUSH: By the way, news here from Fox.  And, in a nutshell, what this story is -- I have it here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.  Fox News got hold of some documents that show the Obama regime is hiring people for a Behavioral Insights Team that'll try to influence
people's behavior in any number of ways.  Insulating your attic, saving for retirement. 

"The document shows the White House is already working on such projects with almost a dozen federal departments and agencies including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture." 

And the headline:  "Government Knows Best? White House Creates 'Nudge Squad' to Shape Behavior -- The federal government is hiring what it calls a 'Behavioral Insights Team' that will look for ways to subtly influence people's behavior. ... While the program is still in its early stages, the document shows the White House is already working on such projects with almost a dozen federal departments and agencies. ... 'Behavioral sciences can be used to help design public policies that work better, cost less --"  That's bull.  This is liberalism, folks, exactly what I was talking about yesterday.  You have to behave as they do, you must.  There is no freedom.  There is no liberty.  They must impose their way of life on you. 

And I always try to give examples 'cause I know there are people, "What do you mean, that's crazy?"  New York Mayor Bloomberg.  It's fine if he doesn't want to eat salt, but guess what?  Nobody in New York should, and can, if he gets his way.  Trans fats, smoking, whatever, pop, sugar, 16-ounce soft drinks -- exactly what I mean.  You don't know how to live.  You have to be forced to do what they want you to do.  Not even what they think is right, just what they want you to do.  And so now here's the regime, and they've already got a nudge squad.  They're putting together a unit to shape behavior.  They're not content to let you live on your own.  They don't trust you to do what they want you to do.  And you doing what you want to do isn't acceptable. 

41.6% Unemployment for Young Black Americans
RUSH:  We have an update on the monthly employment report that came out today.  The unemployment rate among black teenagers in this country is now 41.6%.  Unemployment rate, black teenagers, 41.6%.  And I would ask again, as I have been asking for 25 years of African-Americans, tell me what it is that the Democrats and their policies are doing for you.  I really would like to know what it is that the Democrat Party and their policies are doing for you.  Black unemployment, adult unemployment's in the 18, 19 percent area.  Teenage, black unemployment, 41.6%, under the leadership of the first African-American president to boot.

Titular Head of the GOP, Colin Powell, in Affair Flap
RUSH: Have you seen the news about Colin Powell, the titular head of the Republican Party?  "Colin Powell has admitted to exchanging 'very personal' emails with a Romanian diplomat ... but he denies having an affair, as a hacker threatens to leak their intimate messages. The 76-year-old former secretary of state said he met Corina Cretu, a 45-year-old member of the European Parliament, 10 years ago. He said they began emailing each other in 2005 and 'the emails became of a very personal nature but did not result in an affair.'"

Some people say if you emotionally stray, it's the same thing as cheating.  If your heart strays, you don't have to do the physical nasty.  So some people are going to say that about General Powell, who "was forced to address his relationship with Cretu when notorious hacker 'Guccifer' posted some of their emails online" It might be pronounced Gucci-fer.  It's G-u-c-c-i, which is "Gucci," with an f-e-r on the end there.  I never heard it pronounced. It could be both ways.  "In the emails, Cretu describes Powell as 'the love of her life' according to The Smoking Gun. Powell has been married for 50 years to his wife, Alma, and Cretu was married last year."

It's a UK Daily Mail story, and they have pictures with General Powell, Secretary Powell, and the woman. 

GOP Seeks to Cut Food Stamps by 5%, AP & Democrats Outraged
RUSH: Republicans are preparing to cut food stamps by 5%, and the Democrats and the AP are apoplectic.  Republicans propose a 5% cut in food stamps, which is nothing. 

77% Support Delaying or Repealing Obamacare Individual Mandate
RUSH: A new poll.  This is from the Weekly Standard‎.  "A new poll finds 77 percent of Americans support either delaying or repealing Obamacare's individual mandate. The extensive survey of 2,076 registered voters found that 28 percent say the individual mandate should be delayed.  Forty-nine percent say it should be repealed.  Among those who favor delay or repeal of the mandate are 91 percent of Republicans, 77 percent of independents, and 65 percent of Democrats," say either repeal it or delay it, the individual mandate.  So here we are again, Republicans, hello.  I mean, we got an opportunity here to reach out and make a connection with a phenomenal majority of the American population. 


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