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Rae Dawn Chong Gets a Pass on Calling Oprah a "Field N-----," But The Daily News Misreports What Rush Said to Make Him Sound Racist on Detroit


RUSH: Now, Snerdley, this story he gave me, one of the Cheech and Chong, one of them, the Chong of Cheech and Chong had a daughter, a daughter named Rae Dawn Chong.  And Rae Dawn Chong the other day went out and did a radio interview and really insulted Oprah.  Called her a field N-word and a brownnoser.  June 27th interview, Internet radio show, Rae Dawn Chong, who starred with Winfrey in The Color Purple, blasted her as a great brownnoser and as a field N-word. 

And the New York Daily News has a story today: "Rae Dawn Chong defends Oprah Winfrey slam, says N-word comment was taken out of context."  So it's no big deal.  Rae Dawn Chong actually calls Oprah this, but it's no big deal.  Rae Dawn didn't mean anything by it.  Meanwhile, the New York Daily News made up something that I did not say in my Greta interview and reported it.  The New York Daily News, trying to fulfill the narrative that all of us are racists, sexists, and bigots and homophobes, the New York Daily News ran a story, "Limbaugh on Greta blamed plight of Detroit on black people."  And I did not. 

I blamed it on liberalism.  And I simply recounted from the book by Zev Chafets, "Devil's Night," the role that Coleman Young played in forging racial separatism in Detroit.  The point being that here you have an approved, accredited liberal, Rae Dawn Chong, who calls Oprah the N-word, and it's a ho-hummer, no big deal, and she didn't mean it.  And you have me where the same paper makes it up and reports something I did not say, in an attempt to tag me as racist. 


RUSH: And Rae Dawn Chong is half black, so she can call Oprah house...  You know what did she really say?  She said if you look at the way Oprah looks, Rae Dawn Chong says Oprah looks like 60 years ago she would have been a housekeeper, luckily.  She would not have been a house N-word.  She woulda been a field N-word. Rae Dawn Chong said that way back on July 19th.  But it's okay.  TMZ says it's okay because Rae Dawn Chong is half black, it doesn't matter.  Meanwhile, they make up and lie and say that I blamed Detroit's problems on black people when I didn't.  I blame it on liberals and Democrats and the mayor, Coleman Young.



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