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See? Chris Christie Embraces "Christiecrats"


RUSH: Chris Christie, governor, New Jersey, has a new commercial out, and this commercial -- let me get the exact story -- "New Chris Christie Ad Embraces 'ChristieCrats' -- A new Chris Christie re-election ad highlights a phenomenon in New Jersey known as 'ChristieCrats' -- Democrats who support Gov. Christie for re-election."

Some time ago, three weeks, month, not sure, I predicted to you -- some of you might have thought I was kidding, but I wasn't, and I've said it since, that I think the Democrat presidential nomination is going to be what Governor Christie seeks.  I think he's going to seek the Democrat Party nomination.  And nobody from anywhere has called to tell me to be quiet about that or that I'm wrong.  Nobody's called to say, "Yeah, you're right," either.  Don't misunderstand.  Normally something like that creates, "That's not true.  What the hell are you talking about, are you trying to kill me, man?"  It's not been said.  ChristieCrats. 

So I don't think Hillary's gonna be the nominee.  I just don't go along with all this conventional wisdom stuff.  I just don't buy it.  No.  I think her undoing is she's a has-been.  Her undoing is it's been Hillary's turn for eight years now.  Hillary been on the come for eight years. Her undoing is the fact that she's who is she.  I mean, is she being considered presidential material 'cause she's so great, the country needs her?  No.  She's being considered because Republicans are scared to death of her, and the media's been pushing her, and they still owe her for everything she did for Bill and for Obama. 


RUSH: Hillary's over the hill-ary, is the point.  I probably shouldn't say that. That's my impression.  I mean, Hillary's a been there, done that thing.  H.R., are you still living in mortal fear she's gonna be the nominee and is gonna get elected?  Oh.  Oh.  My prediction.  I was glaringly wrong in one prediction about Hillary. 

You know what it was?  You remember what it was?  She would not be senator.  I either said she wouldn't run or she wouldn't get elected.  I forget which one.  And I was profoundly wrong about that.  So my predictions about Hillary have been up and down. I just think she's over the hill like the country's probably over the Hillary, in a manner of speaking. 



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