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You're Amazing! We've Sold Out of Original Sweet Tea and Blueberry at Two If By Tea


RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, let me change gears here a second.  You people out there are incredible.  Yesterday I mentioned in a throwaway that in honor of the 25th anniversary of this program, that we were offering cases of Two If By Tea at $10, as a special way to celebrate the $25 anniversary of this program, and each case is 12 bottles.  Well, folks, we're sold out of two flavors.  We have sold out of original sweet tea and blueberry.  We have sold out of the original sweet tea and we have sold out of blueberry.  Now, the remaining flavors are delicious.  My favorite's the raspberry, diet raspberry if Kathryn's around, but the raspberry is absolutely tremendous. 

But the way this is going, we might be sold out of that by the end of the day.  The $10 deal is still on.  I mean, that's what I announced yesterday, $10 per case, 12 bottles a case, until 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time tonight.  But, by the way, we didn't do this with just a handful of cases on hand.  We thought we were fully loaded.  I mean, that's why I say, you all are incredible.  I mean, this price, $10, is good today, 'cause I said yesterday it was.  And, as always, free shipping. (interruption) No, there's not a limit on how many cases you can buy.  Why are you asking me this?  There's not a limit on the number of cases. 

I feel like Apple.  You know, I made this big announcement yesterday and we don't have any more.  We're out of regular sweetened tea and blueberry.  It's fabulous, too, because we sponsor the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation as part of the entire Two If By Tea enterprise.  It's also our little bit here, doing our part to create jobs and manufacture right here in the country. This is overwhelming, folks.  I mean, you're literally incredible. Now, also yesterday I played the tape of the phone call to the winner of the last great sweepstakes we did, the winner of a Jeep Patriot, a great couple in Oklahoma. 

You can hear the call. You can see pictures of them at the TwoIfByTea.com website.  In fact, that's where you have to go to order the tea, TwoIfByTea.com.  And I have to stress "while supplies last."  And, folks, this has not been -- you're just overwhelming us.  God bless you.  But you are just overwhelming with us, 12 bottles per case, $10 per case through tonight at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time, and we want you to join in on the winning fun and in honor the 25th anniversary of this program, simply visit TwoIfByTea.com.  There's no promo code needed.  Have at it.


RUSH:  You should hear Snerdley.  "You ought to be happy people are buying the tea." Well, I am, but, folks, honestly, we're a little embarrassed.  One of the things that irritates me more than anything, I'll just be honest, is when a company advertises something and you go buy it and they don't have it.  It irritates me, and, believe me, that is not a strategy of ours.  We do not do that.  We talked about it one time, joking around one night, you know, let's do it like Apple does, create this massive demand and prevent people -- that's not the way we're doing this.  We're just overwhelmed here.  You all are incredible.  We thought we had plenty in stock.  So now we've scheduled a new run, a bottling run to handle all this, but, anyway, I just am overwhelmed, honestly.  But this is not intended, it's not any kind of -- what would you call it? -- trickery or any of that.  It was totally -- I don't want to say unexpected, it was hoped for, but to this degree, it's great. 


RUSH:  No.  In answer to a question, no, we cannot go to the bottling company and start filling bottles of tea.  That's not how it works, folks.  We've learned a lot here in this small business.  All of our bottling runs are scheduled, and they're all based on sales projections, 'cause inventory is key.  I mean, inventory's the name of the game.  The last thing you want is inventory in any business.  I mean, that's the trick.  That's a great quality control manager. These people are worth whatever they commandeer.  The operations people, 'cause inventory, the longer you store something, the less the profit on it is. There's all kinds of things that go into it, so we just can't go schedule an immediate bottling run for regular sweetened tea and have it available today.  Our bottling runs are scheduled.  It can't happen on the fly.  And we've got one coming up soon.  It doesn't do you any good today -- he-he -- or us.