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New York Times Sells Boston Globe, Takes 93% Loss... Regime Directs DEA Agents to Cover Up Surveillance... The Fascinating A-Rod Circus...  The RNC Will Not Change CNN and NBC with Threatening Letters...

It's Hard Not to be Cynical About This Regime

RUSH: The very fact that there are so many people who are cynical about this, the very fact that there are so many Americans who think they're being lied to about a terror threat, is a really dangerous thing.  It is an unhealthy thing for the country.  It is the surest sign of the wanton lack of respect for this country that has swept all across this country.  This threat may be real.

The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

RUSH: You're talking about something that's very real: the soft bigotry of low expectations.  And you're right, it's everywhere.  I see examples of it multiple times a day, in sports reporting, in news reporting, I see it constantly.  It's part and parcel of elitist liberals, for whatever reason, thinking certain people just don't have it. 


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