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Pearls of Wisdom

"They say it's a specific threat, but closing 21 embassies doesn't sound too specific to me."

"Obama says, after he kills bin Laden, that Al-Qaeda's on the run. It's the United States on the run. It's the United States closing 21 embassies."

"The New York Times wouldn't know how to turn a profit in anything, obviously. They're demonstrating this left and right. It's no different than here we've got Obama and Democrats in the Congress -- who never have done anything in the private sector -- who assume the mantle of expertise, and everybody simply grants them that."

"There is a YouTube video. There's an anti-Obama YouTube video made by a belly dancer in Egypt. You haven't heard about it? It's gone viral. It attacks Obama for helping the Muslim Brotherhood."

"My focus here is that we have a bunch of rank amateur leftists who have no practical experience in the real world. Their life experience is the faculty lounge, sitting around sipping cocktails, theorizing with each other about what great utopian lives they could create if they were in power. All of their prejudices and biases are against capitalism, against liberty, against freedom. That's what they blame for the problems in the world."

"The leaders -- the queen bee, the head honcho, ants, whatever -- promote this notion among the idiots that are the worker bees or the carpenter ants or what have you. I mean, they exploit them. These are young liberals. They're idealists. They believe all of this stuff and they're fully exploited. But the people that run this show know full well what they're doing. They don't care. Their permanent hold on power is the success, not what happens to the country."

"US directs agents to cover up the program that's being used to investigate Americans, DEA program. You think stuff like that might be why there is so little trust?"

"We're in our 26th year and we are continuing to grow. It's better than okay."

"You probably have a Samsung phone which is why it's not good. See, I can play the game, too. I can do my tech biases just like those clowns do."

"We have a president who to this day, after 4-1/2 years, still isn't accountable. He still isn't responsible. He is still on the campaign trail, still trying to make people think that nothing that's happened is his fault, that nothing that's happened he's got anything to do with."

"We have a president whose distant and removed and not responsible for anything and not accountable, who was in charge of when a terrible terrorist incident happened. Four Americans died."

"This is a great nation at risk in a really dangerous world, and we have people playing games with that."

"We almost have here a random act of journalism from the New York Times. They admit that the $800 billion that Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, has pumped into the financial markets hasn't done anything for the country."

"I want you to notice something what happens on Wall Street with the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The next time that the chairman of the Federal Reserve publicly speculates that Quantitative Easing might be coming to an end, I want you to watch what happens. The market plunges."

"I tell you what affirmative action is, soft bigotry, low expectations. Affirmative action is a racist insult disguised as social justice by the Democrats."


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