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Did Valerie Jarrett Issue the Order to Stand Down in Benghazi?

RUSH: If this is true, this really, really is a bombshell... If this is true, it would certainly explain, ladies and gentlemen, all of the serial lies and the cover-ups and the obfuscation and all of the efforts that were made to distract people's attention from this.  Somebody had to give the order, and Obama was off the grid.  That has always, to me, been one of the most interesting aspects of Benghazi.  

Bezos Buys WaPo, Media World Rocked

RUSH: The mainstream media is, for all intents and purposes, dead.  The dead tree, mainstream media, is dead.  All the actors are moving to social media.  That's where they're all headed.  It's just a matter of time.  Even Bezos, I think said that in 20 years the Washington Post will not actually be published as a paper.  It's all going digital.