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"It's safe to say that not only is this the most listened to radio talk show in the country, it is the most talked about, too."

"The chairman of the RNC wrote letters to CNN and NBC, 'You guys, we're not gonna show up at your debates anymore if you do these miniseries on Hillary.' I think you ought to send the letter, just take out the part about the miniseries on Hillary. 'We're not gonna show up in your debates anymore.' They'll never do that, but that's what they should do."

"The president of the United States went to a late-night comedy show for his first-ever statement about this increased terror threat. A late-night comedy show."

"There were serious items on the agenda in our relationship with Russia, and all of it was treated as a joke. All of it was treated as unserious, halfhearted, nothing to really be concerned about."

"The presidency was diminished last night, the country, talk about being respected or loved by people around the world. This was a very small thing that happened last night. Made the country look small, made the presidency look small. No, I don't think JFK went on Jack Paar to talk about the Cuban missile crisis."

"Obama embarrassed himself last night. The Olympics that are going to be in Russia are the winter Olympics, and Obama was talking about all the great athletes on the balance beams and in the swimming pool and he forget that it was the winter Olympics, or maybe he never even knew."

"The Iranians don't donate to the Democrat Party, although they're close."

"Obama told Leno he wants to deepen the ports on the Gulf Coast, like Charleston, South Carolina -- that's the Atlantic Ocean -- Savannah, Georgia -- that's the Atlantic Ocean -- Jacksonville, Florida -- that's the Atlantic Ocean."

"The politically correct left has been on an anti-population movement for a long time. The intense portion of the left's anti-population movement began in the late sixties, early seventies, coinciding with the modern era of feminism. The attack on population was too many people and not enough food. Not enough water. Not enough this. Not enough that. All of those predictions have gone by the wayside and they've been proven to be totally bogus, totally wrong."

"People on the left have got a problem with birth. There's something about that that sends them off the rails, and they are constantly writing and theorizing and talking about the beauties and the liberating aspects of abortion and how now it's very, very hip and cool for smart women not to be sucked into this motherhood thing."

"The Russians and Putin are putting their foot down. "All right, enough of this! We're not gonna have that here. We need a growing population. We need a country that's growing. We need more people. We need more people working. We need more productivity! We're not gonna sign up for all this New Age so-called elitist brilliance." Ergo, the reason why the ban on gay athletes at the Olympics."

"The actual worker bees in journalism, in this case the Washington Post, don't care about the customers, don't care about profit or the bottom line, don't think that they should even be subjected to those kinds of pressures, because their mission is so important. They are so important that they shouldn't be bound by these ordinary, average, everyday capitalistic concerns like profit, the bottom line. The hell with that. We're important people."

"Most journalists are writing for other journalists to impress other journalists. To come up with a point of view that some other journalist hasn't."

"We're not losing money here at EIB. We're thriving. We are continuing to grow."

"I like strong women. Always have. I just never wanted woman that wanted to be like me. Be a woman, for crying out loud."


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