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Morning Update: The Offended

Harvard president Larry Summers at a conference in 2005 mentioned differences between men and women. He cited height, weight, and the potential for criminal behavior. If he had stopped there, everything would have been fine. But he didn't stop there.

Washington Journalists Lower Their Standards to Accommodate Obama

RUSH: A fascinating little story here, folks, a column by Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post... All kinds of allowances are being made for the watering down of journalism in order to accommodate Obama.  That is the point.  That is the point that's being made. Normally -- and you can go back and you can look -- a Washington Post, New York Times columnist would be really upset at a president who appeared more often on comedy shows than he did in the White House pressroom or doing formal press conferences.  

We Have a Grand Opportunity to Inspire a Country Engulfed in Pessimism

RUSH: We're surrounded by it.  This pessimism is like a blanket or a layer of fog all over the country... Sometimes, I'll be honest, I fall into it, too.  I sit around and I get down in the dumps about where we're headed, where the country's going, just like everybody else does.   I have to grab myself, figuratively, by the shoulders and give myself a shake to snap out of it, which teaches me how easy it is to succumb to it.  Being pessimistic is easy.


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