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Pearls of Wisdom

"Standards are declining left and right, and it doesn't matter. It's whatever is necessary to prop up Obama."

"I was not at all surprised that Leno would ask better questions than the White House press corps does. I've been a guest on the Tonight Show and when Leno had his primetime show. And I know when I'm there, all he does is ask tough questions."

"This radio program has always been something that, prior to it, really didn't exist in major national media."

"All kinds of allowances are being made for the watering down of journalism in order to accommodate Obama."

"The journalists are so devoted to Obama. They are such sycophants that they're worried about access."

"Obama lied to this country when establishing this stimulus. The stimulus was designed to fix all of these bridges. And Obama is out there trying to make everybody think that their bridge is going to fall down, or pretty much every bridge is in trouble. And we're going to build schools and we're going to rebuild roads and all of this. And not one penny of that stimulus went to any of it."

"Nobody ever leaves the KGB. Once you're there, no matter what you say you've done next, nobody ever leaves the KGB."

"I do not believe that Obama is smarter than anybody else. I do not believe he has cut a new path and is a politician unlike any we've ever seen regarding his intellect. I don't believe any of this hocus-pocus. I didn't believe it when they said it about Hillary, Smartest Woman in the World."

"More Democrats than Republicans, 53% to 27%, say the American dream is dead. So 53% percent of Democrats say the American dream is dead, and 27% percent of Republicans. This goes nicely with what we were discussing the other day about pessimism versus optimism."

"The crime rate, murder rate were all due to the rising temperature and climate change. If that's true, why is the murder rate in Detroit or Chicago many times higher than it is in a place like Scottsdale or Phoenix, Arizona?"

"Even though I've come up with the Limbaugh Theorem to explain it, I will admit to you it still amazes me that we have all of these people actively depressed and pessimistic and admitting it who do not even associate Obama with any of it."

"Obamacare can't work, folks.  It just cannot."

"Obama's non-gaffes are just as dangerous as his gaffes."

"The Limbaugh Theorem is the explanation of how the Obama Administration works, and there are examples of it constantly because it's how they work."

"How many of you really think that the Republicans are cutting the defense budget?  I mean, it's just laughable."


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