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Morning Update: Glass Houses

Even as editors at “America’s leading progressive print and online magazine” were doing their level best to foment hatred for Walmart, accusing them of abusing the help, it was The Nation itself taking advantage of “low-wage labor.”

Conservatism is the Only "Outreach" the Republican Party Really Needs

RUSH: This country was founded with the understanding of what people really are, who people really are and what really is important about humanity.  That's the blessing.  The Democrat Party exists to snuff all of that out.  We don't have to reach out to Hispanics, reach out to this group or that group.  The Republican Party might, but we conservatives don't.  The Republican Party can fix itself and start winning elections every time, or most of the time, if they'll just stop all this fear and panic and become conservatives. 

HS Student Given the Gift of Rush 24/7

CALLER: I'm a high schooler and I'm going to be a sophomore this year, and ever since I heard your show in the backseat of my dad's truck, I was hooked.  I basically learned how to be a conservative from you. The only downside is that your show is from 12 'til 3, which means I can only listen to you during the summer.

The Regime Plans to Diversify Your Neighborhood

RUSH: This is the kind of stuff that they're going to do. They're going to go into neighborhoods, not like the way it looks, and they're going to compel diversity.  And if you are saying, "Well, how are they going to do that, Rush?"  I don't know.  But, folks, it's the federal government and the power to compel, there's any number of things they can do.  Regulation, intimidation, denial of services, you name it.  


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