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Mohammed Filmmaker Out of Jail
RUSH: The filmmaker of the video that caused what happened in Benghazi to happen is out of jail now.

Obama Approval Down to 41%
RUSH: RUSH:  Real Clear Politics and their rolling average of presidential approvals, Obama now the rolling average, 43.6%.  That is Obama's lowest rating of the year and the worst it's been since December of 2011.  And that is an average of all the polls out there.  And there is a poll, I think it was Gallup.  It happened late in the show on Friday.  It might have been even after the show when I saw it, at 41%.  Of course, if nobody knows that, then there will not be any accompanying national attitude about it.  I'm here to tell you that nobody knows it.  It isn't being reported.  Even that 41% was a headline on Drudge for a while, but it didn't get picked up by anybody, anywhere. 

Journalists Lament Newspaper Failures
RUSH: It is interesting to read the accounts of all these newspaper sales by reporters who work at these papers, Boston Globe, Washington Post.  There was a post in a blog in Boston, I think it's in Boston, sportswriters that used to work there about how second basemen for the Red Sox earn more than the Red Sox owner paid for the Boston Globe, and they're terribly worried about this. 

They're very, very upset now that second basemen, even utility players, make more than the Boston Globe was purchased for.  And they openly worry that when a reporter from the Globe shows up in the Red Sox players locker room, that a Red Sox player is gonna say, "You ink stained wretch, I could buy your paper with what they pay me.  You think I have to answer your questions?"  They're all worried that there's gonna be a massive loss of respect for reporters from papers that have been sold for so little, $70 million for the Boston Globe. 

Anyway, it's kind of interesting to listen and observe the journalists lament what is happening to these great institutions, and they don't know, they are stymied. They don't understand what is happening, they really don't. They don't understand that these papers are being rejected by people because of the content.

Why Can't Hollywood Liberals be Honest About Politics in Their Films?
RUSH: This Matt Damon movie.  The way it looks, Elysium, I think, is how you pronounce it.  It didn't do too well at the box office, but I think it was number one, and it is a total political movie.  What it is about, there's a giant spaceship orbiting the earth where the rich have gone and they have left the poor and the squalid on earth to fend for themselves, and Matt Damon, of course, is among the poor and the squalid in a totally bombed-out, destroyed, left-for-nothing Los Angeles. 

And the guy who did this is the same director who did that really kooky, crazy movie called District 9 about an alien spaceship that landed in South Africa, and nobody thought anything of it.  And the people on the spaceship were refugees from some Republican, conservative regime on another planet, and they came to South Africa, and they're poor and they're backwards even though they arrived on a spaceship.  Just the weirdest sci-fi stuff. This stuff is in the sci-fi category as well. 

But everybody involved in this is denying that there's a political message to it, when that's all it is.  It is a full-fledged anti-capitalist, pro-socialism movie, and the question I have is, why can't the people involved just admit that?  They are doing everything they can to, "No, no, no, there's no politics in this movie.  What are you saying?  What do you think you're seeing?  There's no politics here." 

The director's name is Neill Blomkamp.  The movie takes place in 2154.  The poor are condemned to live on the shantytown surface of the earth.  The entire surface of the earth is a shantytown.  The rich dwell in comfort on an orbiting space station.  And everybody who's seen this says it's obviously a Hollywood movie.  It's anti-capitalist. The rich are mean-spirited and so forth.  And there's a story here that I have on this that everybody involved in the movie, "Oh, no, there's no politics here. There's not a political message here. There's no socialism here. We just wanted to do a good sci-fi movie."

We all know what Hollywood is.  We all know what the people who live there think politically.  Why can't they just admit it?  They put out a movie that is obviously an agenda flick.  And I don't understand why they have to lie about that.  Why can't you just admit what you are?  Why not just admit what the movie is about?  I mean, you had no problem getting it financed. You had to go to somebody and say, "We want to do a movie that portrays the rich as a bunch of mean-spirited extremists who are able to escape the hell that they create for people." 

"Oh, that sounds like a great premise.  How much money you need for this movie?" 

"Oh, couple hundred million ought to do it." 

"Fine.  Here's the couple hundred million.  Who you gonna get to star?" 

"Matt Damon." 

"Oh, wonderful.  You couldn't get a better pro-socialist actor than Matt Damon.  Go ahead.  Pay him whatever he wants.  Here's $200 million to do the movie, whatever it costs, go do it." 

So they have no problem getting it financed. They have no problem getting it made. And now when it comes time to have the thing show up at the box office, they deny what it is.  Obviously it's about box office.  If they came out and admitted that they have an agenda oriented movie here designed to make the rich look like typical mean-spirited elitists that they are, obviously they're afraid people wouldn't go see it.  And so much of the left, practically all of them, there are exceptions, will never, ever be honest about their agenda.  They can't be.  It's one of the things that gives me hope, actually.  I mean, we're in a fight to the death to save this country, and the left is doing everything they can to propagandize, and that's exactly what they have to do. 

They cannot be honest about who they are.  They can't be honest about their policies.  They can't be honest about what their intentions are, or they wouldn't be elected.  So they come out with a movie that's designed to propagandize people.  It's designed to influence and shape opinion.  And they say, "Oh, no, no, no, no, what would give you that idea?  We're just trying to do a very entertaining action film that's got some sci-fi aspects to it."  It's a bunch of BS.  I just find it curious that they're going to the end of the earth, like Damon said (paraphrasing), "Oh, no, this is just a summer thrill ride.  There's no political bit to this movie."  And this is just hypocritical as they can be.  It's fascinating to me, folks.  They have no trouble getting it made. They have to tell everybody in Hollywood and the banks what it's gonna be about. "Great, here's the money."  When it comes time to market it, don't dare be honest about what it is.

GOPers Go to Iowa
RUSH: The Republicans are traipsing off to Iowa already, getting ready for the 2016 presidential sweepstakes.  Ted Cruz seems to be winning everything right now.  It doesn't matter.  What's happening right now really doesn't matter.  The results of what's happening right now don't mean anything.  But, you know, everybody in the media has this -- it's not an agenda.  In this case, it's just the formula.  Okay, so the next presidential race is up and the Democrats are ready to coronate Hillary, so it's hers by default.  And what are the Republicans gonna do?  They're looking now, who's spending time in Iowa.

Trump's out there ripping into Karl Rove big time. I mean, big time. I mean, Trump is excoriating Karl Rove, dumbest ads he's ever seen, $400 million wasted.  Who in the world does this guy think he is. He's not the architect. The guy's a guaranteed loser. This is what Trump is saying.

Ted Cruz is out espousing just pedal-to-the-metal conservatism, and he's at the top of the heap.  Santorum is back in it.  But the reason I don't spend a lot of time on it right now 'cause it's formulaic, folks, it's what everybody does just because it's that time, but it doesn't mean anything yet, like presidential polls, presidential primary preference polls don't mean anything yet.  There are far more important things right now.  I know the next presidential race is key, but looking at it the way everybody seems to look at it, like it's a horse race, is the wrong way to look at it.

NFL Helmet Sensors Latest Sign of Chickification
RUSH: It's about football and lighting the path to a safer game.  Here's the editorial from the Boston Globe on this.  "The macho nature of football makes it difficult for fogged and staggering players to take themselves off the field after concussive blows to the head. And even the most vigilant coaches and parents find it difficult to judge the severity of an impact to the helmet. But the Cambridge body-monitor company MC10 and Reebok have invented a skullcap with sensors and LED lights that can be worn under helmets. Called CheckLight, the device flashes yellow for a moderate blow and red for a severe blow. It also keeps a running count of less-severe blows, flashing a warning when the number crosses 100."

So these are the skull caps, they look just like the skull caps that are now worn by players underneath their helmets.  Do you know the real reason they wear those skull caps now?  To protect their hairdo.  It's to keep the helmet from putting the weird helmet shapes there.  It's to avoid getting helmet hair, so they wear those skull caps that mashes it all down.  It's also absorptive. (interruption)  Had a what called helmet hair?  Oh, yeah, Byron Dorgan, Byron Dorgan Helmet Head, but that was his hair looked like a helmet, not because of what the helmet did.  Byron Dorgan.  That's good memory.

Anyway, so the skull cap is gonna have electric sensors in it and lights, and it's gonna light up yellow or red depending on the severity of the blow, and that will tell coaches and parents whether they need to get the player out of there.  And then the cap will tally up severe blows and lesser blows, and when the number passes 100, then you gotta sit out?  I mean, it doesn't say specifically what has to happen.  I don't know what the magic of this is at all.  We're now turning it over to a couple of companies that claim this skull cap can measure the severity.  I'm telling you, this game is, I don't know how to properly express this.  The preseason started, the Hall of Fame game. Saturday night this past weekend was the first weekend of the NFL preseason, and Saturday night the Giants were in Pittsburgh to play the Steelers, and I didn't even know.

I'm ashamed to admit it.  I'm not only just ashamed, I'm a little afraid that all of this politics that has permeated football, for some reason it doesn't have the same -- I'm not nearly as anticipatory. Yeah, I do know the Steelers lost.  I saw some of the game.  I got e-mails, "What do you think of the Steelers?" "What, are the Steelers are on?"  They said, "Yeah, NFL Network."  I said, "Oh.  I was watching Oprah reruns." (laughing)  Anyway, I'll probably get into it once the season starts.  But I'm telling you it's being chickified.  The whole thing, everything in our culture is being chickified.  And some things fine, but not everything.  We'll just have to see.

Kerry: We Must be "Safe Guarders" of God's Creation
RUSH: John Kerry, our esteemed secretary of state, said that climate change is our challenge, "a challenge to our responsibilities as the safe guarders of God's creation." The safe guarders.  It would obviously be the safe guardians.  The safe guarders.  So John Kerry says that climate change is a challenge to our responsibility as the safe guarders of God's creation.  What about God's creation called a fetus, Secretary Kerry?  What is your responsibility as a safe guarder there? 

See, in my humble opinion, folks, if you believe in God, then intellectually you cannot believe in manmade global warming.  You must be either agnostic or atheistic to believe that man controls something he can't create.  It's always, in fact, been one of the reasons for my anti-manmade global warming stance.  The vanity, I mean, these people on the one hand, we're no different than a mouse or a rat.  If you're listening to the animal rights activists, we are the pollutants of this planet.  If it weren't for humanity, the militant environmentalist wackos, if it weren't for humanity, the earth would be pristine and wonderful and beautiful.  Nobody would see it.  According to them, we're different.  We are not as entitled to life on this planet as other creatures because we destroy it. 

But how can we destroy it when we're no different than the lowest life forms?  And then on the other end, the vanity and the arrogance, we are so powerful and we are so omnipotent, that we can destroy.  We can't even stop a rain shower, but we can destroy the climate.  And how?  With barbecue pits and automobiles, particularly SUVs.  It's absurd.  But nevertheless the esteemed secretary is running around saying that climate change is a challenge to our responsibilities as the safe guarders of God's creation.  Just ask him, what about God's creation called a fetus? 

Weiner Camp: If It's Not All the Way In, It's Okay
RUSH: Weiner, Huma's husband.  This poor guy, no matter what he does.  This from the New York Post.  He was campaigning in Astoria, Queens, personally, running around pounding the pavement, and he put several fliers into mailboxes.  Did you hear about this?  He put fliers promoting his candidacy in the mailboxes at people's houses.  And he was told, "You know, you might be violating postal regulations.  You can't do that.  Those things have to be delivered by the postman, the mailman, mail women."  And his spokeswoman said, and I kid you not, "I think if it's not all the way in, it's okay."  If it's not all the way in, we can do it. 

This is like Clinton (doing impression), "There wasn't any sex in there, ha-ha, Oval Office, there was just some Lewinskys going on, but there wasn't any sex in there. Besides, it didn't affect the way I did my job. I'm screwing people anyway, what's the difference?"  And then there was the Client No. 9 excuse and Clinton again saying, "Well, I didn't inhale."  So now Weiner's press secretary, "No, no, no, we can put anything in there as long as it's not all the way in."  Just amazing.

Tennessee Judge Ballew Orders Infant's Name Changed from "Messiah"

A judge in Newport, Tennessee, a Newport mother wanted to name her child Messiah.  You hear about this?  Yeah.  A Newport mother is appealing a judge's decision, 'cause the judge ordered her to change the name.  The judge said, "You can't name your kid Messiah."  Jaleesa Martin and the father of Messiah couldn't agree on a last name.  It's how they ended up at a child support hearing in Cook County on Thursday.  And that's when the first name came into question. 

Child support magistrate Lu Ann Ballew, which is a great name for a judge in Newport, Tennessee -- Lu Ann Ballew serves the Fourth Judicial District of Tennessee, and she ordered the name changed to Martin, could not use the name Messiah.  She said the word "Messiah" is a title, and it's a title that has only been earned by one person, and that one person is Jesus Christ.  Until I read that, I thought the story was about Obama.  I thought the judge, "You know, we already have a messiah, and it's Obama." 

Now, you know this is gonna be reversed.  I mean, some judge is gonna reverse this, because this is First Amendment all the way.  I mean, how many people in the world are named Jesus and they don't make those people change their names. 

Judge Ballew, I just think it's a great name for a judge in Tennessee.  Buford T. Justice was the name of a state trooper in a Burt Reynolds -- Jackie Gleason played the character, Buford T. Justice.  It was just the perfect name. 

ID Required to Buy Nail Polish Remover, But Not to Vote
RUSH: "CVS pharmacy customers are being asked for identification when they buy nail polish remover, WPRI 12 News reports. The policy, which has been rolled out across southern New England in the past few weeks, means customers must show ID and will be limited on the number of bottles of remover they can purchase, according to the station. The drugstore chain says the rule is an attempt to curb the making of illegal methamphetamine."

It's got acetone in it, and acetone's one of the ingredients in crystal meth. So now a valid ID must be presented to purchase any product containing acetone, and that includes nail polish remover.  So an ID to buy nail polish, but we can't require an ID to vote.  (interruption)  Well, I don't know.  You Congressional Black Caucasians know about it?  I don't know.  Who?  Eric Holder?  No.

Holder Reduces Drug Sentences
RUSH: Holder's too busy reducing the sentences for drug offenders.  You heard about that?  That'll make the Reverend Jackson happy. 


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