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"Hillary is on a new tour that she says is designed to restore trust in government. Does anybody find it strange that she's doing this while Barack Obama is in the White House? Not a Republican. She's doing this while the Democrats run the show."

"I don't use my health insurance. I just don't. I don't even know if I have any. If I do, I don't use it."

"They've told everybody that Obamacare is gonna lower the deficit and reduce the national debt, and what Obama has done is delay -- see, it's so convoluted. The truth of the matter is that everybody's costs are gonna skyrocket. That's the design of the plan, so that you can't afford private sector insurance and have to go to government."

"Single payer is what they want. And the way they're gonna get you there is making it impossible to afford any other insurance. That's the objective."

"Everything I pay out-of-pocket, whatever, bubble gum, I don't eat bubble gum. Nobody gives me anything, is the point."

"Obamacare is mandating very low caps on deductibles, and no limit on how much insurance companies have to pay out over a lifetime. And those companies are gonna have to make up that money somewhere. And that is gonna happen by raising everybody's premiums."

"Medical workers are gonna be scared to death if they don't do what the government says they have to do, that's gonna be the primary objective, staying out of trouble with the government rather than servicing the patient there on the other side of the counter."

"What we have here is another change in Obamacare, which we're told is now the law, and therefore can't be changed, we're told we can't repeal it. We can't repeal it 'cause it's the law of the land. Well, he is. He is in effect repealing or delaying parts of it that are harmful to him politically. Can't do this. Suing him? Somebody should. You let a Republican president try to do this, change legislation to benefit him at the next election. You wait and see how far he'd get."

"Our Constitution does not permit the president of the United States to willy-nilly decide what parts of a law he's gonna employ or implement and not. This is not legal, what Obama is doing and has done on three major previous occasions where this law is concerned."

"Obama has already delayed more than one-third of the deadlines in Obamacare, and for a host of reasons. A, they can't meet them. B, it would be too damaging politically."

"The shop owner where The Oprah went in and was supposedly told, "You know what, you can't afford that bag, look at you!" the shop owner was at Tina Turner's wedding. So why didn't The Oprah talk to the shop owner there about it? What Snerdley? She didn't know her? What are you defending The Oprah for? You believe her? We got a mutiny here."

"Snerdley's asking me where are the real places that rich people shop that nobody knows about? I don't know. You laugh, but Walmart, Kmart, yeah, depends, if there's a special on Bic pens or batteries. You're laughing. I'm not kidding. If you've got a special on Gillette Fusion razors, you'll go there. I don't know. I don't shop."

"It's a myth that the fat poor do not have healthy food stores. That's another one of these myths that the left has put out there. What is healthy food, anyway?"

"Next time you find yourself talking to one of these skeptics and people who have adopted skepticism as a legitimate intellectual position to take. One of the most effective ways of dealing, not just with people like that, but really anybody, is never answer their question. Always respond with a question, which puts them on the defensive. Even if the answer's a slam dunk, even if they ask you a question that's a hanging curveball that you could knock out of the park, return it with another question, questioning them, questioning their honesty, questioning their intelligence, because that's what they're doing with their skepticism."

"Obama is about taking other people's money, because they didn't come by it in a fair and just way, because it's capitalism, which is unjust and unfair. And anybody who got their money and their wealth capitalism had to cheat somebody."

"Not a single person showed up at the Georgetown waterfront today for a climate change rally put on by Organizing for Action, Obama's group. Not one environmentalist wacko showed up at a climate change rally in DC today."


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