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Mrs. Clinton Launches  Tour to Restore Trust and Faith in Government
RUSH: You talk about a publicity stunt that might backfire, Hillary Clinton has just kicked off her tour to restore trust in government.  (laughing) Hillary "What difference does it make now?" Clinton out on a restore trust and faith in government.  What difference does it make now?  You know what Hillary's really upset about?  You know, there's some really fascinating, good things happening in North Carolina. They have made some significant changes in voting, and the left is just outraged by it.  And Hillary especially spent a lot of time on the eve of her tour to restore trust in government.  She's upset that a concealed carry permit qualifies as ID but a student ID doesn't.  She's really bent up.

But one of the things -- and they've done a lot -- one of the things that they've done in North Carolina is drastically reduce early voting, and they have eliminated voter registration on Election Day.  And it is so telling.  Hillary and the Democrats are fit to be tied.  You would think we had gone back to the Jim Crow days.  You would think that we're back in the civil war.  You would think we're back with poll tests and all kinds of things.  And this early voting and same day voter registration, they're nothing more than Democrat Party tricks to aid them in cheating during elections.  What is this early voting anyway?  We already have absentees.  What's the point of early voting?  Pure and simple, Democrats and get-out-the-vote efforts.  Pure and simple.  There's no reason for early voting. 

I have never understood -- I mean, I've understood it politically within the framework of the Democrat Party, but intellectually it doesn't make any sense.  Voting happens on the day, we have absentees if you can't be there, go do it that way.  This early voting, "Well, I want to vote now to avoid the crush. I want to avoid the crowds."  Have you seen the crowds at these early voting things?  But why do you need to have early voting 20 days before an election?  Not that many people are gonna be out of town. It's absurd.  It is a bastardization, it's a corruption.  Anyway, in North Carolina they're fixing it and the Democrat Party is fit to be tied. 

Larry Ellison on Apple, NSA
RUSH: Larry Ellison was on CBS This Morning, and he said, "We know what Apple's like without Steve Jobs."  We've been there, we've done that experiment.  He also was in total favor of the NSA spying system.  It's great, a democracy, we gotta have it.  And he's a total, total liberal Democrat. 

Nobody Shows Up for Climate Change Rally in DC
RUSH:  Not a single person showed up at the Georgetown waterfront today for a climate change rally put on by Organizing for Action, Obama's group.  Not one environmentalist wacko showed up at a climate change rally in DC today.


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