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Google Tells G-Mail Users They Have No Expectation of Privacy
RUSH:  Yeah, I know.  It's interesting, all during our Reagan.com e-mail address commercials, I've been telling everybody, all of these other e-mail outfits, they're scanning your e-mails, they're taking data from your e-mails to give to advertisers, to target advertise to you.  And it really isn't any big deal.  I don't think too many people are actually aware of the scope of it.  Well, big deal.  But the advertiser targeting stuff, here's the thing.  Google is admitting it now.  Google told a court that you cannot expect privacy when sending messages via Gmail.  And if you care about privacy, you shouldn't be using their service.  This is a Consumer Watchdog saying this.  Consumer Watchdog website, rather.  Don't doubt me.  You know, your safest bet here, even for those of you on the left, is don't doubt me. 

HUGE See, I Told You So from Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC)
RUSH: Here's a big See, I Told You So.  I love this story.  It's out of Lincolnton, North Carolina.  Republican Patrick McHenry, Republican congressman from North Carolina, "loudest constituents have no desire to see conciliation on gridlocked Capitol Hill, unless it comes from Obama and the Democrats."  This is such music to my ears.  Patrick McHenry was at a town meeting and his voters showed up, "To hell with this compromise crap.  Let them compromise."

And it's about time.  You know, Senator Dole's out there saying, "The Republican Party needs to engage in outreach."  Why?  Why don't the Democrats ever have to engage in outreach?  Why don't the Democrats ever have to make any adjustments?  Why don't they have to make any accommodations?  Why is it always the Republicans?  So Congressman McHenry's constituents show up.  He's holding public Q&A sessions out there during the break, and conservative Republican loyalists showed up to one of his town meetings "demanding that he and his House colleagues defund Obamacare, refuse to raise the nation's debt limit and generally intensify opposition to the White House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid."

I'll tell you, wherever these town meetings are taking place, the message from Republican voters is the same.  Would you guys start fighting back?  Would you start defending the country and the direction Obama's taking it?  We don't want to compromise with these people.  We don't want to conciliate with the Democrats.  We want to beat them.  That's what Republican voters are telling Republicans who at least are having the courage to hold town meetings.  Not all of them are.  But those who do, that is the message. 

97% of Federal Workers Don't Want Obamacare
RUSH: From The Daily Caller: "Less than 3 percent of U.S. federal workers want to give up their current health plans and join Obamacare, according to a new poll. 92.3 percent of federal workers think that they should continue with their current health insurance program." Now, where have we ever seen a poll where 97% of Americans agreed on anything?  But at the same time what this tells us is what a sweetheart deal federal workers have under their current insurance plan.  Bear in mind, federal employees do not have to enroll in Obamacare.  They get to stay on the federal system.  And if they do go, they opt out and decide they want to get into it, they're gonna be subsidized by the Office of Personnel Management. 

But federal employees are now scared to death that they might have to suffer under Obamacare, too, especially now that Michigan Republican Representative Dave Camp has introduced a bill that would force federal workers into Obamacare.  And you know, this is a bill that the Republicans ought to trumpet from the rooftops.  They ought to make noise on this like they never have before. They won't, but they should.  Dave Camp, Michigan, introduced a bill to force federal workers into Obamacare.  Less than 3% want to join Obamacare. 

Court: Regime Continuously Violates Law
RUSH: You know, the health care news, it just continues to pile up.  Here's a story from The Blaze and AP.  "The Obama administration has been continuously violating federal law by delaying a law enacted by Congress 'without any legal basis,' a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. The decision refers to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s move to delay a proposed nuclear waste dump in Nevada." Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh wrote in a majority opinion, "The president may not decline to follow a statutory mandate or prohibition simply because of policy objections."

But that's exactly what he's doing.  Now, you heard in a sound bite moments ago Ichabod Goolsbee say that the president can't do this unless the law grants him the permission to do it, and the implication was that Obamacare grants such powers to the president.  It doesn't.  It grants the powers to the secretary of Health and Human Services.  You go through the Obamacare law, and you will see the phrase "as the secretary shall determine" so many times it's hard to count up in 2,200 pages.  But they have not, Congress did not transfer all of this power to Obama.  He doesn't care.  He's just delaying this and withholding that.

Hundreds in DC Lost Medicaid Assistance Without Cause...
RUSH:  "Hundreds in DC Lost Medicaid Assistance Without Cause, Attorneys Say."  This in the Washington Post.  "After a spinal condition paralyzed her legs six years ago, Joyce McWain-Gray crawled to her second-floor bedroom in a LeDroit Park rowhouse and holed up for nearly a year. For her weekly medical appointments, the 56-year-old relied on District firefighters to carry her down the 12 steps from her room. McWain-Gray grew hopeless, she said, until a social worker told her about the District’s Elderly and Persons with Physical Disabilities Waiver Program."

Now, let me get to the short version of this story.  Hundreds of poor people and hundreds of sick people have been dropped from government Medicaid for no reason.  They can cut you off whenever they want and blame it on a paperwork snafu.  And this is in the era of Obamacare.  These are poor people and sick people on Medicaid.  And some bureaucrat somewhere is just determining, "You know, we don't have the money anymore," and they're just eliminating benefits.  I know, it's a bit of a dilemma, but the point here, this flows from the story about whether or not Obama has the kind of power he is wielding to just choose when and where to implement what and what not in any law.  If he doesn't like something in a law, he's delaying it, not implementing it, not prosecuting it, and he does not have this power.  But he'll continue to get away with it as long as he's not called on it. 



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