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J-School Students Don't Read Dead-Tree Media...  Deranged MSNBC Tries to Link Boston Bombers to Conservatives... Coffee is Bad for You Again...

No Surprise: The Money-Obsessed Clintons Underpay Employees at Their Slush Fund

RUSH: Yesterday we had the story in the New York Times about the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor...  The writer of the story shows up on MSNBC last night.  The author of the story shows up and says, "Well, once again, Limbaugh is factually challenged."  He said the truth of the matter is that the people that work at the Clinton Foundation and the Library and Massage Parlor are profoundly underpaid.  I said, "Wait a minute, now.  Who was talking about the employees getting rich?"  

Why Let Democrats Set the Premise, Newt?

RUSH: This notion that we gotta have an alternative, that's what's killing us.  That's why we're all stagnating here.  There's nobody stopping the Democrats.  There's nobody stopping the liberals. There's nobody with a policy to just stop 'em.  Not even slow 'em down.  The policy is, how do we do what they do and be liked while we do it?  That's not gonna accomplish anything.

Mark Levin's "The Liberty Amendments" -- What You Can Do to Save the Country

RUSH: Everybody still asks me, "Rush what can I do, besides vote?"  Everybody wants to do something.  Well, look, the standard, ordinary give-and-take and back-and-forth of politics isn't gonna work anymore. The Constitution's broken.  We're not living under it anymore.  It's already been bastardized.  The Constitution is going to have to be put back together.

Reggie Love: Obama Played Cards During the Bin Laden Raid

RUSH: What do you think would have been the reaction if I, the next day, had said, "They can't fool me.  I don't believe he was in there for this.  He was probably out playing Spades or on the golf course." What do you think the reaction would have been?  The media would have been all over me for disrespecting our brave president who single-handedly ordered and supervised the capture and the killing and the burial of Osama Bin Laden. 

The Funniest Two If By Tea Story Yet

CALLER: I come from a large family, mostly liberals, and each year we have a get-together on July 4th.  Now, every family is assigned tasks for the get-together.  This year we were in the entertainment group, so we decided that we were going to conduct the classic blind taste test using the Two If By Tea...


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