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Pearls of Wisdom

"Liberalism doesn't work. Statism doesn't work. The Constitution does. The free market does. A free people will always come up with the best and the most practical and the cheapest alternatives."

"Obama does not scare anybody, except us. The only people Barack Obama scares are the American people."

"Regarding Facebook, I'm not suggesting anything change. I'm not an old fuddy-duddy, can't put anything back in the bottle. All I'm suggesting is that, just like anything else in your life, believe very little of what you hear and half of what you see."

"This business about moderating Republican debates. I don't see how I can do it. I'm too famous."

"Most of these journalists are just like Obama, they think they already know everything."

"There's an ongoing effort to try to convince low-information voters that the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston were inspired by conservative right-wing extremism. The media is sayin that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were motivated to commit their despicable acts of terrorism by conservative thinkers. Right. In Boston. They're motivated by conservative thinkers."

"Our side doesn't believe in the free market. They all are of Washington, with Washington as the center of the universe. Washington must always be doing something."

"Trying to find a job, trying to get a raise, trying to think about the standard, ordinary, everyday climbing the ladder of success is a depressing thing in this country because of the leadership and the lack of anybody in charge that knows what they're doing."

"A lot of liberals are obsessed with money, and you know how they do it? They live off the donations of others to the nonprofits or other groups that they run. Philanthropy, usually people don't get rich."

"The American people don't want to hear how the Republican Party is gonna make the exchanges work. The American people don't want the exchanges."

"The American people do not want Obamacare, nor do they want an alternative of Obamacare. What they want is no Obamacare. "

"The Constitution has been bastardized. It's been bastardized for years. It's been shredded for years. It needs to be reaffirmed."

"I wonder if Obama was able to stay in the Situation Room through the entire rodeo clown crisis, do you think?"

"The entire episode of the Obama clown at the Missouri state fair was a way of illustrating people in the heartland and their dissatisfaction with the leadership of this country. Not dissatisfaction with the person's race, but dissatisfaction with the job he's doing."

"Sixty-two percent disapprove of the economy as being run by Obama. Under normal circumstances, this would be occupying the media morning, noon, and night, with individual after individual after individual bemoaning his economic plight. Today, it's not even a yawner."

"You turn on the American media today, and I don't care what the story, it's about Obama. And it's usually about shielding Obama, promoting Obama. They've got a lot riding on Obama."


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