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J-School Students Don't Read Dead-Tree Media
RUSH: Journalism graduates do not read newspapers or magazines or books.  This is Paul Bedard writing in the Washington Examiner.  "This could be the final blow to paper and ink news: Reporters graduating out of journalism school and headed to work at newspapers and magazines don't read print media, with over seven of 10 choosing digital news and social media websites," instead of the places they want to go work.  I think the real answer to this is, why read anything? 


Most of these journalists are just like Obama, they think they already know everything when they come out of journalism school.  Why read anything?  They're in the business of telling you what you don't know.  They already know everything.  They don't want to have their belief systems challenged.  They come out of J school and they are perfectly programmed little liberal robots and they live in their safety cocoon and they don't want to be challenged with anything that doesn't fit, so they're not gonna expose themselves to it. 

So they don't read.  They go to aggregator sites that read for them and tell them what's out there and that's how they find out what's there.  People graduating journalism school do not read journalists.  I find it interesting. 

"The University of Georgia's 'Annual Survey of Journalism & Mass Communication Graduates,' which surveys J-School grads, their habits, salaries and the jobs they take, found that just one-third had read a newspaper the day before taking the survey. That's a stunning drop from the 81 percent in 1994," who had read a newspaper.

Deranged MSNBC Tries to Link Boston Bombers to Conservatives
RUSH: There's an ongoing effort to try to convince low-information voters that the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston were inspired by conservative right-wing extremism.  And it was on MSNBC yesterday, and they had this literal idiot, this Mark Potok guy from the Southern Poverty Law Center, and he was on with one of the radical left-wing extremists disguised as a host named Alex Wagner. They said that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were motivated to commit their despicable acts of terrorism by conservative thinkers.  Right.  In Boston.  They're motivated by conservative thinkers.

Coffee is Bad for You Again
RUSH: RUSH:  Look at that.  Right here on CNN, they've got a health report.  Drinking too much coffee could be bad for you.  You see the cycle of this stuff?  That was 10 years ago.  Too much coffee, heart attack, constipation, whatever the hell it caused.  Then it became a preventative for Alzheimer's.  Now it's back, too much of it could be bad for you.  Too much of anything could be bad for you.  I tell you, these people just keep everybody at a fever pitch, constantly wound uptight waiting for disaster, waiting for death. 


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