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Morning Update: The Other Savior

Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, the Congressional Black Caucasians, and other libs have been pushing the idea that asking people to show ID when they vote, is tantamount to bringing back Jim Crow laws. Which were enacted by Democrats, and gotten rid of over Democrat objections.

America's Divide is Cultural, Not Racial

RUSH: The Washington Post says, "Obama Rodeo Clown Incident Illustrates Nation's Continued Racial Divide." Now, the purpose of this story in the Washington Post is to show what a bunch of redneck, right-wing, racist hicks were at the fair.  One of the most telling signs that there were a bunch of redneck, right-wing racists at the Missouri State Fair was this: "The Wednesday crowd at the fair, which lasts 11 days in remote Sedalia, was overwhelmingly white. Some vendors played right-wing talk radio from boom boxes at their tents." Weeeeeeell, there you have it. 

Young Caller Explains the Millennial Malaise

RUSH: A big part of the American dream has always been upward mobility.  But upward mobility is being mocked because it's unfair, because not everybody does it.  It's not tolerated.  It's not permitted, because not everybody can. I tell you what, she was so right on the money that I'm jealous... It's rare that anybody comes up with something that I haven't thought of myself.  But, boy, did she. 

The EIB Network: A 25-Year Fad

RUSH: Actually, starting last night, a couple of new stories leaked that I'm not gonna comment on yet, but they're out there. In the Drive-By Media, they're really very sad and disappointed today and hoping that the leaks that they ran into last night are wrong.  But they're really... I mean, The Politico just on July 28th, it was over for me.  And then they had to run a story today saying, "Uh, uh, not." 


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