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Politico Tricks Establishment Republicans


RUSH: Now, I want to get back to this Politico piece.  Remember Newt Gingrich said that the reason the Republicans cannot defund Obamacare is they don't have an alternative. They don't have anything else to proposal. Well, there clearly is an alternative.  You say, "No." 

Where does it say in the Constitution that everybody's entitled to health care, and where does it say that your neighbors have to pay for yours?  Why do we accept this premise?  The alternative is not accepting the Democrat Party premise.  The alternative is free market capitalism. The alternative is getting the government out of it as much as possible.  Newt used to think this way, by the way.  He did. (interruption) Don't look at me that way.  He did.  He used to think exactly this way. 

Newt used to go on C-SPAN special order speeches talking for an hour this way.  Too much time in the Beltway.  There is a clear alternative to government running health care:  No government in the health care industry.  That's the alternative.  The idea we can't defund it? Let's go back.  Let's go back.  Was it 1994, Hillarycare?  I think the Republicans defeated Hillarycare, and they went on to win and keep control of the Congress the first time in 40 years. 

They didn't have an alternative to Hillarycare, did they?  Newt and the boys didn't have an alternative, other than "no."  The objective in 1994 with Hillarycare was to stop it, was to defeat it.  We did, and we didn't have an alternative. We didn't have our own version of government health care.  We just said no to it!  We just shut it down, and the Republicans won the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years, and they kept it for a long time. 

To show you how things change, in 1993 and 1994, Newt is leading the effort to oppose Hillarycare, to make sure it doesn't happen.  Eleven years later, 2005, Newt went on a speaking tour with Hillary, where he praised her and Hillarycare to the skies.  Washington takes hold of people and rids them of their common sense.  It certainly destroys their conservative tendencies and orientation.  But I don't think we had an alternative. 

We didn't. We were just saying "no way" to government-run health care.  There was no way we were gonna have single payer.  There was no way that government was gonna be in charge of where doctors could practice.  There was just no way.  Hillary had her little bus tour to promote health care. We had people at every stop, outnumbering the supporters.  There was no way.  But there wasn't an alternative, and defeating Hillarycare propelled the Republicans to great victories. 

You and I sit here now and we ask, "Why don't they remember that?" which takes me to The Politico piece.  I know it's The Politico but you have to understand, Beltway Republicans read this thing, and it's almost as big a Bible to them as it is to the Democrats.  Are you ready?  "It is almost impossible to find an establishment Republican in town who's not downright morose about the 2013 that has been and is about to be.

"Most dance around it in public, but they see this year as a disaster in the making, even if most elected Republicans don't know it or admit it.  Several influential Republicans told us [at the Politico] the party is actually in a worse place than it was Nov. 7, the day after the [last] election," and this is what these influential Republicans say the reason is why party is in a worse place. Okay, folks, are you ready?

The Politico is quoting influential Republicans not by names here. "The party is hurting itself even more with the very voters they need to start winning back: Hispanics, blacks, gays, women and swing voters of all stripes.  The few Republicans who stood up and tried to move the party ahead were swatted into submission: Speaker John Boehner on fiscal matters and Sen. Marco Rubio on immigration are the poster boys for this. 

"Republicans are all flirting with a fall that could see influential party voices threatening to default on the debt or shut down the government -- and therefore ending all hopes of proving they are not insane when it comes to governance." Now, Republicans read this stuff, and they believe it.  Republicans are the source for this! (interruption) Well, if we believe The Politico, we're sure.  Are you saying they might be making all this up?  (interruption)

Oh, I know it's... Snerdley thinks they might be making it up because he doesn't know any Republicans like this. I know.  Here's the thing: I know.  The Republican Party never had a majority of Hispanics, and remember this: Even had Romney gotten 70% of the Hispanic vote in 2012, he'da still lost.  We never had the Hispanic vote. We've never had the black vote. We've never had the gay vote. We have never had... 

Well, we have had a majority of women over the course of the years, but we've never had the transgender vote.  And Romney cleaned up with swing voters in 2012.  Romney had a huge majority of independents.  So The Politico is in the middle of playing another trick on Republicans.  The Republican Party is in worse shape. "The party is hurting itself even more with the very voters they need to start winning back: Hispanics, blacks, gays, women and swing voters of all stripes."

Now, I don't want to be misunderstood.  I'd love to get those people, but I don't think you're gonna do it by being Democrat light. That's not how you do it. (interruption) Snerdley is just saying, "The whole thing sounds like it was written by Democrat operatives."  Don't you know this is what Republican operatives believe?  I'll guarantee you, the sources for this are Republican operatives. The influential Republicans are the consultants.

The Republican consultants are the ones that are sourcing for this, because they're the ones that believe this.  But we've never had a majority of Hispanics or even close.  We've never had a majority of blacks.  We've never had a majority of transgenders and gays, and we've won. This is hocus-pocus.  What a trick!  The first big trick that the Democrats succeeded in pulling off was telling the Republicans that they gotta get the independents. 

So the Republican candidate, every four years, has a campaign aimed at only 20% of the electorate!  You know the sold saw that 40% of the voters are gonna vote Democrat, 40% Republican, and the 20% independent, that's where the election's won.  And all these consultants tell these Republican candidates, "I'm the guy that can get you a majority of those Hispanic votes and that's how you win." 

So candidates come up with campaigns aimed at 20% of the electorate, and they ignore their base, the Republicans do, they ignore their base, and they lose.  And then the second trick is, "You know why you lost?  It's because you didn't get gays, didn't get the Hispanics.  You gotta go amnesty, you gotta go pro-choice, and you've gotta go gay marriage and all that!"  Right, that's the ticket. 

Things the Republican Party has never done, outreach the Republican Party has never made is somehow the answer?  This is absurd!  It is patently absurd.  Yet this is what the Republicans, many of them actually do believe this stuff.  I mean, it kills me.  We're really supposed to believe that top Republicans would run to Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen with this stuff?  (They're the writers of this piece.)  We're really supposed to believe the top Republicans...?

Yes, I do. I do believe that certain Republican consultants would go to Politico with this.  I do believe that there are a lot of Republican consultants who think that the Republicans are so cowed and so down in the dumps, they believe this. This is just another push, the latest push to get the Republicans to sign on to amnesty.  How is it working out for Marco Rubio, by the way?  How is that working out for him?  Where is he in the presidential preference poll? I think six.


Are they talking about primary?  People are talking about primarying Rubio?  I hadn't heard that.  Well, this is interesting.  VandeHei and Allen, I know these guys.  They occasionally send me notes.  If I happen to make the front page of the New York Times, Mike Allen sends me a congratulatory note. (laughing) "Hey, way to go!" He does.  But these guys are to the left of Stalin.  Folks, I just know this.  I know that VandeHei and Mike Allen, they could be great guys, but they're not interested in Republicans winning. 

The Politico doesn't want the Republicans to win anything! 

What kind of foolish Republican actually thinks that?



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