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No Excuse for Missing Rush with This Website, the Podcast, and Rush in a Hurry E-Mail


RUSH:  Leona Valley, California.  Hi, Carl.  I'm glad you waited.  It's great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER:  Well, good morning, Rush.  Well, this is the West Coast so it is morning.  I thank you so much for putting me on today.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER:  The reason I called, is about a year and a half ago you talked to a border guard and you explained to him how he could listen to you when he's in and out of his truck by getting an iPod. And about two weeks ago, you explained the same thing to a schoolboy that wasn't able to listen to you, and I gotta tell you. I don't know if it should be a daily routine, but I started doing this about two years ago, and it has just turned my world around, because I work in a building which has no radio reception, and I wanted to listen to you forever.

 RUSH:  Isn't that a pain?  Don't you hate it when that happens?  I mean, you have the radio show, and you want to listen to it, but you're in a building and you can't get it.

CALLER:  You know, there's more benefits to this, too, that I've discovered. Because when you're in the middle of a story I don't have to stop and get out, or if the phone rings. I don't have the interruptions.  I am one day behind, but with the podcast I just put you on pause and I come right back and I can hear the whole story.  Like over the weekend I was listening to that great story about the taste test for your tea.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.

CALLER:  It woulda killed me to not be able to hear the second half of that story.  It was great.

RUSH:  Yeah, he's talking about a guy from Pennsylvania. On the Fourth of July, at their giant family gathering, he did a blind taste test for Two If By Tea.  Twenty-seven of 28 in his family chose and loved Two If By Tea, including a lot of liberals, and they literally got mad. It was the funniest thing in the world.  By the way, if you missed that, that story is recounted up at RushLimbaugh.com, and we've also got the details of it at our tea website, TwoIfByTea.com.  But, look, Carl I appreciate this. 

You know, one of the things that I really am remiss in doing is talking about RushLimbaugh.com. Everybody thinks that all I do is talk about myself, but there is so much that I don't mention enough.  You know, I tell you why I have these mental blocks to it, but one of them is the podcast, and another is the Rush in a Hurry, and all of the website services that we have. The RushLimbaugh.com membership side, Rush 24/7, is one of the best, particularly if you're a fan of this program.

It is one of the most comprehensive websites out there.  Practically every segment of this program is transcribed.  You can listen to it again.  You can watch it on the Dittocam.  It's all collected in a never-ending, always expanding encyclopedia-type website.  Pretty much everything used to prep this show ends up in certain sects of the website, and I don't spend nearly enough time hyping it, because there's so little time here.

You know, I have to stay focused on issues, things that are happening.  I've always been this way. It's just been really tough for me to hawk my own stuff.  Now, you have to be a member, but the podcast he's talking about is literally a gold mine. It is the radio program 30 minutes after each program is over. It's provided either on our website or via iTunes.  We strip the commercials out because we don't sell commercials in the podcast. Those are only for air.

So it doesn't take three hours to listen to the whole thing, and you can start and stop it whenever you want.  It's up there every day, and it's a gold mine.  It is.


RUSH:  By the way, our caller mentioned that because of the way he uses the podcast, he's one day behind.  And even at that, he's still way ahead of the rest of the mainstream media.  The mainstream media doesn't figure out what happens on this program for two or three days, because they refuse to listen to it.  They go to off-site sites.  Ah, you know the drill.

But really, the services that we provide at RushLimbaugh.com, we got the Limbaugh Broadcast Museum, which is one of the most amazing technological, graphical feats of accomplishment anywhere on the World Wide Web.  The volume of data, information, that is on that website each and every day rivals any -- Now, it's all this show and whatever else out there that we talk about on this program, but the amount of data, information that is posted and is available for absorption by people, you know, the only sites that would rival us would be places that aggregate all the news sources or maybe a newspaper publication itself, but it's just astounding, audio and video.

We've got the EIB Store which we're in the process of upgrading.  We've got all of the parodies collected there over the years. It really is a gold mine, and whatever we charge for it, it's a steal, but that's how you get the podcast.  I don't spend much time talking about all this because I've always been nervous hawking my own stuff.  When a caller wants to talk about it, that's cool, as the guy did. 

But that podcast gets so many positive reactions that it is worth mentioning. And the Rush in a Hurry free e-mail every day after the program, which is a summary of what the full site's gonna look like when it's fully updated, but it already has some transcripts in it, some links, and it hits anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour after the program.  It's totally free and there's no strings attached to it.  You go sign up at RushLimbaugh.com for Rush in a Hurry. If you miss the program it's the first thing that tells you what you missed, and then what you might have missed that you wish you hadn't missed and where to go to find it.  So there's no excuse for ever missing anything that happens on this program



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