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Biden is Putting Together His 2016 Campaign
RUSH: Today we have news that Vice President Bite Me is putting together his 2016 presidential campaign and that his team is revved up and ready to go and they feel good about their prospects.

Christie to Sign Gay Therapy Ban
RUSH: In New Jersey, Governor Christie has announced that he plans -- if he hasn't, he's gonna announce it today. He's gonna sign a bill that will ban the practice of trying to convert gay children to a heterosexual lifestyle.  Mr. Christie will note that the American Psychological Association has said gay conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy, can be can lead to mental health issues and substance abuse.  Well, so can pornography.  So can TV.  Are we gonna ban anything that leads to mental health abuse?  Anyway, Governor Christie gonna announce that he plans to sign a bill to ban the practice of trying to convert gay children to a heterosexual lifestyle.

Maybe what we need is a ban on Democrat conversion therapy.  That would mean a ban on the mainstream media.  That would mean a ban on Hollywood.  But if we're gonna ban conversion, why not ban the big one?  Ban converting to Democrat.

Soon: GPS Tracking Chips in All NFL Players
RUSH: How many of you people worried about all of the GPS tracking the NSA or your e-mail company scanning and monitoring your e-mails?  What if I were to tell you every NFL player is gonna have a tracking device in his uniform?  It's coming. The latest collective bargaining agreement between the NFL players and the owners allows the league to require players to wear nonobtrusive tracking devices in select practices and games.  The purpose of these -- I mean, why would you have a tracking device in an NFL player?  I mean, where are they gonna go?  Well, offsides, break the plane of the goal line, this sure could lead there, but that's not what they say this is about.  I mean, where the hell is a player gonna go that you need to find them in uniform? 

I mean, they're not Alex Rodriguez heading into the stands trying to find babes.  They don't do that.  Where are they gonna go?  Well, here's the story.  The purpose of the tracking devices on NFL players, nonobtrusive, will be to collect positional and performance data.  For example, speed, distance traveled, location on the field.  The data captured from the testing in 2013 will be used for internal evaluation purposes only.  It will not be disclosed to any team.  The league is doing this. 

I'm sitting here trying to think of this.  I can see the team doing it to track players, to coincide with film study of a practice or a game to see who's loafing, to see who's out of position, but why do you really need a tracking device for that?  We're talking about a football field here, and all of it's videotaped from all kinds of different angles.  You can tell who's loafing. You can tell who's out of position.  You can tell who's not playing up to snuff.  But you got tracking devices here.  And the league is going to hold onto the data.  The league is not going to disclose it to the teams.  It was negotiated, I mean, it's not a surprise.  It was in the latest bargaining agreement that happened last summer. 

Finally it is likely that all players will be required to wear devices in all NFL games at some point over the next few seasons.  And I've been sitting here trying to figure out, is this about concussions, is this about future lawsuits, injuries?  It's gotta be money related, somehow.  But, anyway, aside from the purpose, just the tracking devices of football players on a field, where you can see them and videotape where you can see them after the fact where they were, what they did.  Even on videotape you can get an idea who's loafing, you can figure out who's fast, who isn't.  It's curious. 

The Oprah's Purse Scandal Really Helped The Butler's Box Office
RUSH: Snerdley has written me a note: "What is the most cost effective movie promo campaign of all time? A $38,000 unpurchased handbag." Oh, are you talking about The Butler? You know, this movie, The Butler, about the White House butler, it did show up at number one, and I don't mean to take anything away from it, but they had it on 4,000 or 3,000 screens. The per-screen average of this movie was nowhere near even anything phenomenal. Can't take away the number one status, can't take that away, I'm not trying to. But it's being measured against movies on half that many screens.

So it didn't have to have a whole lot of action in every theater in order to get its ranking. And why is it on so many screens? Why do you think it's on so many screens? Who's gonna say "no" to a movie with that subject matter? And so, yeah, so Oprah going over to Switzerland for Tina Turner's wedding, looking at but not buying a $38,000 purse, ends up being the most effective movie promo tool ever devised. It is true. It's one way of looking at it.


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