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Cable Goes Out in the Middle of Breaking Bad, and Connecticut Residents Call 911 ... Three Members of Undefeated '72 Miami Dolphins Snub Obama ...

NY Times: Clinton Foundation is Running a Deficit, But Raising Money, While Bill and Hillary are Getting Rich

RUSH: "Clinton sometimes uses Catsimatitis' (sic) Boeing 727, opting on other flights to use a smaller Gulfstream jet."  There are all kinds of people's jets that Clinton uses, and they've all got women on 'em, and they've all got a bar on 'em.  But, anyway, the expose of the Clintons continues.  How much flying and what kinds of hotel bills do you need to amass or rack up $50 million in bills? 

In the Face of Obama's Malaise Economy, Seek Success -- and When You Find It, Be Proud of It

RUSH: There's less competition for success right now.  That means there are more open doors.  Go for it.  And while you're going for it, do not apologize for it.  In fact, be just the opposite.  Be proud of what you're trying to do and let everybody know it.  You'll fail a couple times maybe but you'll hit it eventually.  But don't fall prey to this notion of being afraid of success or afraid of your own success or thinking it's not warranted or unjustified.


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