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In the Face of Obama's Malaise Economy, Seek Success -- and When You Find It, Be Proud of It


RUSH: There's more sad, disappointing news.  This is kind of an offshoot of the general theme that there is a malaise that's just a haze, a fog that's just hanging over the country.  And it's down to the surface.  It's at street level.  Even people who are doing well are not happy.  Even people who are succeeding and doing well, there's something wrong out there.  Everybody senses it.  Even people on the left.  The people on the left are miserable because they know that everything they believe in fails.  Nothing works! 

Do you realize after four and a half years of Obama we're supposed to be in utopia here?  Four and a half, almost five years of Barack Obama, we are supposed to be in eternal bliss, total happiness.  Everybody who wants a job is supposed to have one. Everybody who wants a house is supposed to have one.  Everybody who wants to be able to afford to live however they want to live is supposed to be able to.  None of it's happened.  Now, the left, just in general, is unhappy.  No matter what they get of what they want, it's never enough.  But they really thought that this was it. 

Finally, their messiah, utopia, everything they believe in, national health care, you name it.  The only thing they haven't gotten is the official sanction of gay marriage and gun control.  But pretty much everything else they wanted they got it, or they're on track for it, and they're just as miserable as everybody else.  And I would contend to you they're miserable because they're incapable of happiness.  I think the ideology, liberalism, does not permit happiness.  You have to be mad all the time to be a liberal.  You have to see unfairness, injustice, depression, recession, bigotry, racism, homophobia everywhere you look, to be a good liberal.  You can't be happy.  It's one of the many reasons why I don't think these people should ever be trusted with power. 

There's no optimism. There's no good cheer. There's no laughter. There's no happiness, by virtue of who they are.  They run around and they talk about all the anger on our side, extremism, and these people, no matter where you look, are enraged.  In general they're enraged.  But they're really mad now because they're living amidst incontrovertible proof that everything they believe doesn't work. 

Now, I don't know that they have the maturity to actually admit that.  But whether they admit it or not, I mean, you can see it, you know there isn't eternal happiness.  There isn't universal bliss.  The opposition's still there.  You know, part of the success of Obama and this utopia was the elimination of any opposition.  Well, we're still here.  They have failed to get rid of us.  So they're not happy.  But neither is anybody else.  And even people I know who are demonstrably, really profoundly successful, they care so much about the country, they're not happy.  Some of them even feel a little guilt, which I promptly try to start talking them out of, 'cause that's the last thing we need. 

You know, that's one of the problems you Millennials are facing, if I may give myself a head start here.  You know, in the Millennial world these days, there is mostly malaise, indecision, failure, no opportunity. I'm talking about the way they see things.  But, even within that generation, there are pockets of successful people.  And those people feel guilty, because there aren't that many others who are succeeding, and that's horrible.  Never feel guilty for succeeding unless you're the cheating and stealing. But, in the normal flow of events, if you're having success, spread it, teach it, be proud of it, let it be infectious to other people. 

We've got people so trained in this country that it's unfair to be prosperous, it's unfair to be successful, that the successful try to hide it, and in hiding it, they become unhappy.  In hiding it they can't live their success.  They have to portray themselves as something less than what they are to avoid criticism, to avoid sharp forms of disagreement, or to avoid being isolated.  And I think this is something that is prominent, profound even, within the Millennial generation.  Remember, these are people coming out of school that have all of this debt, and they're looking at 39 and a half hour a week jobs. 

There are no careers.  Every place that they want to work is downsizing, and there aren't places to go to have a career, other than, you know, trying to be entrepreneurial.  And, let's face it, a lot of people are just not oriented that way.  Most people are comfortable being employees.  Well, fine and dandy, nothing wrong with that, but employees' hours are being cut back.  No matter where you look, there isn't any happiness, there isn't any optimism.  And all of that gets processed by people, I think, by them saying and feeling, "This just isn't right."  This is not the country they thought they were growing up in when they were in high school and heading into college. 

And don't forget, too, these people, 60% of the Millennials voted for Obama because they thought they were getting this utopia, panacea.  They thought they were getting all the stuff in the past that they didn't like shut down. All that was gonna be fixed and thrown away.  We're gonna have new systems and new ways of doing things and new kinds of jobs and all kinds of creativity and whatever utopia, panacea, and there isn't any.  We don't have any optimism coming from any sector of leadership in this country.  You may find an individual politician here or there who is optimistic, and that politician stands out, by the way, in a good way.  But overall, people who are perceived to be running the country, they're not happy, either. 

And all this Obama vacation time, don't think for a moment that people don't see it and are affected by it.  Do not think, folks -- I'm warning you here -- do not think that most people look at Obama's vacations and think, "Man, I'm glad my president's doing what it takes to get some needed time off."  Most people are not looking at it that way.  They may not be openly critical, but they don't respect it, they don't admire it.  In fact, I think that's another thing that has Millennials and leftists in a bit of a quandary, in addition to their depression. 

Look at the lofty hopes and expectations that they placed on Obama, compared to what he is.  He's just another guy out there.  He's not particularly good at anything, except talking.  But he doesn't make anybody feel better. He doesn't comfort anybody.  So, all of that hope that they invested, it's not manifesting itself.  Nothing's working out.  Nothing's going right.  And when you do succeed, when you do feel happy, others make you feel guilty about it, so it makes you pull back on either being successful or hiding the success or prosperity that you have.  That is not healthy. It isn't good. It's not inspirational. It's not infectious. 

We're being swallowed up by negativity and pessimism, and it's affecting everybody.  The only people that seem to be in any way enjoying life are the dumbest among us.  People with reality shows that couldn't spell "cat" if you spotted them the C and the A and the T.  The people that low-information voters want to be, they're the only ones that seem happy.  So maybe it makes sense to be dumb and stupid and surface and all that.  Maybe that's the key.  Maybe the key is don't get all involved in this stuff.  All it's gonna do is make you unhappy.  You know, just be a space cadet.  All the wrong things are providing inspiration today, and it is a real shame. 

Now, two stories here, one from the Cato Institute: "Report: Welfare Pays More than Minimum Wage, Discourages Workers." Let me summarize this for you. The Cato Institute has found that the equivalent wage value of welfare has increased in 33 states since 1995.  Cato found the benefits in the District of Columbia expanded by nearly $7,000 to a total package equivalent to $50,000 in wages.  You can get on welfare in Washington if you access everything available to you to the tune of $50,000!  Why work? 

Now, the people doing this, they no doubt think they're in on something good.  This is not good, folks.  This is not the kind of thing happening in a superpower country, where not working and basically being worthless pays you more than a job you've spent tens of thousands of dollars being educated to learn to do.  All of this has a deleterious effect. 

New York Post:  "When Welfare Pays Better Than Work -- Here’s an offer for you: $38,004 per year, tax free. No work required. Apply at your local welfare office. The federal government funds 126 separate programs targeted towards low-income people, 72 of which provide either cash or in-kind benefits to individuals." And they say we have no room to cut the budget?  That is absurd.


RUSH: I just want to say one thing on this optimism business.  Folks, I know, given the circumstances, that success, however you define it, prosperity, it's tough.  It's a more challenging thing to achieve than ever.  But don't stop.  There are fewer people. More people have been beat down into submission.  There's less competition for success right now.  That means there are more open doors.  Go for it.  And while you're going for it, do not apologize for it. 

In fact, be just the opposite.  Be proud of what you're trying to do and let everybody know it.  You'll fail a couple times maybe but you'll hit it eventually.  But don't fall prey to this notion of being afraid of success or afraid of your own success or thinking it's not warranted or unjustified.  Don't do that.  Pursue it.  Seek it.  When you find it, be proud of it.  Let that be infectious and inspiring to others.  That's how you can make a difference in one way. 


RUSH: Just one more thing on this, and many of you in the audience know this.  I'm addressing this to -- I know that there are Millennials listening to this program, I know there are young people.  I just want to give you some truth.  There is always going to be inequality in any group of human beings.  A neighborhood, a home, a country, a state.  No two people are ever the same thing, particularly when talking about results or outcome in life.  Do not ever feel guilty.  Well, that may not be possible, but don't let your guilt trap you, and don't ever let anybody convince you that your success is the reason for somebody else's failure.  Because it isn't. 

Success, life, are not zero-sum games.  You know, the Democrat Party looks at taxes as a zero-sum game.  They look at money as a zero-sum game.  And, by that, I mean a lot of liberals, a lot of Democrats think that if somebody gets a raise, somebody had to get fired. If somebody gets a raise, somebody had to get a pay cut.  No, it's not the way it works.  The history of this country has always been an expanding economic pie.  The reason the pie isn't expanding is because the government is taking more and more of it.  One-sixth of the US economic pie has just been taken by Obama and the Democrats.  It's called health care. 

So opportunity, in that sector, is dramatically reduced because of who's running it.  The people running it don't produce anything.  They don't make a profit, and they don't have to make a profit, and profit is what pays people.  But don't ever think that your success is the reason other people are failing.  Don't ever feel guilty about this.  And don't ever think that things are fundamentally wrong when there's inequality out there, because there's always going to be.  There's always going to be unfairness.  You can't get rid of it.  You cannot allow yourself to be imprisoned or shackled by it, even when it happens to you. 

It happens to everybody.  Everybody is dealt with unfairly every day.  The difference is how people deal with it.  Some people use it as an excuse for failure and for doing nothing.  Other people use failure as a motivator.  Another illustration of how we're all different.  But the whole concept of social justice is impossible.  There can't be social justice.  There can't be everybody the same.  It's been tried since the beginning of time.  Country after country, leader after leader, socialist after socialist, they've all attempted it.  It never works.  The main reason why is all of them are rich.  They take as much as they can from all the rest of the people, and then they try to mandate equality over what's left. 

Never feel guilty because you're making the most of the one life you've got.  You've only got one.  There's not a do-over.  Now, there are do-overs when you screw up, but you only have one chance.  Every day you spent wallowing in self-pity or depression is a day you cannot get back.  It's a lost day.  Every day that you spend feeling offended at something or outraged at something is a day you have given up the power of your own determination, and you're letting others determine how you feel.  That is the prism of liberalism, that is the prism of statism, is to spread misery equally and to convince as many people as possible that overwhelming success just isn't possible, and when it is attained, it's unfair and unjust. 

I just wish more people were taught not to fall for that.  It's why everybody's in a state of malaise and depression, one of the many reasons why.  We're guilt tripping everything that ought to be celebrated.  We're guilt tripping everything that ought to be applauded. We're guilt tripping everything that ought to be used as inspiration, role model. We're guilt tripping all the wrong things so certain people can feel better or not have their feelings hurt, so they won't be offended or whatever.  It's their problem.  It's not yours.  You do more for them by setting a good example than you do by trying to be as miserable as they are.  It's not doing either of you any good. 


RUSH: Dave somewhere in Illinois, great to have you on the program, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Thanks very much.  I just wanted to tell you a story that happened.  My dad worked at a large distribution warehouse for three years. He'd never been late, never been disciplined, worked there full time. A couple months ago he started noticing that some of his fellow coworkers, the full-time coworkers were being let go, and he didn't really know why, but he did notice that they were being replaced with temporary employees, part-time temporary employees.  And, you know, he was always talking to management and stuff and they had actually started talking to him about maybe possibly bringing him into a leadership role within the company. 

Well, Monday they said, "We need to talk to you in the conference room." So he thought, "Well, it's been three years, due for a raise or maybe that promotion they were talking about." And they told him that they caught him and three other employees on a security camera. They were clocking in to start their workday, and one of the four employees clocked all four employees in at the same time, you know, just grabbed their time cards, clocked them in for 'em and then they all went to work.  And this was about a month ago.  And they said, "Well, we saw that happen, and that's against company policy.  You're fired."  And so he said, "Well, you know, discipline me or something first.  Write me up, something, don't fire me."  And they said, "Well, it's above us now." 

And so, you know, he's of course shocked. So he goes home and the first thing he does is he gets online and he starts looking for jobs, and he notices that the company that he was just let go from was hiring, but not full-time positions.  They are hiring through the temporary worker agency, and that's when it hit him.  They're getting rid of these full-time jobs in order to avoid these new health care restrictions, new health care laws that are coming in.

RUSH:  They are not alone.  But, you see, the problem, Dave, is that in the world I call the low-information voter, they are blaming the company where your dad worked rather than the policy that's dictating the behavior by the company.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  So the companies are taking the heat on this.  It's the Limbaugh Theorem.  Obama's policies are causing this, but he's not getting any of the blame.  The companies are.

CALLER:  Right, exactly.

RUSH:  So your dad and his three coworkers, they just decided for the economy of time, one guy punched 'em in at the same, they were all there, they were all going to work at the same time, just one guy punched 'em in at the same time, and all of a sudden that -- I'm sure it had happened before, I'm sure that wasn't --

CALLER:  I don't know if it's happened before, but this is a distribution warehouse that has several cameras.  I mean, they handle tons of merchandise. They have to be looking all the time for people, especially if they want to keep their bottom line in the black, they're going to be making sure that nobody's stealing or anything like that. And my dad said that he knows of situations where people have lifted stuff, and he's brought it to the supervisor's attention, and the supervisor says, "If anything happens the cameras will find it and our security team will get it."  So why would the security team spend their time firing four employees that were on time for work instead of maybe looking somewhere else for something?

RUSH:  Well, you know the answer to that.

CALLER:  I do know the answer to that.  It's extremely frustrating how --

RUSH:  The answer, they needed cause.  They were firing your dad and the other guys because of Obamacare.  But they're not gonna say that.  Because that opens 'em up.  If they fire them with cause, then it gives them at least one layer of insulation against action that your father and the other guys might take in getting some sort of compensation for being unjustly let go.

CALLER:  And initially, you know, his first response was, "Well, I'll get a lawyer and sue 'em," but after about an hour of that he thought, "You know, it's not worth it.  I got bills to pay. I'm going to find another job," and he's actually already applied to two other places, and this just happened yesterday.  So, you know, he has never been one to stay down on himself, and so he'll find something and he'll be just fine, but I appreciate the message that you're putting out there, you know, letting people know that --

RUSH:  Well, this breaks my heart, though.  I say it all the time.  I think people like your dad, I mean, you're calling from someplace in Illinois, you're in what the elites call flyover country.  Your dad and people like him that go about their business every day, they show up on time, they do the job, they don't make trouble for anybody.  People like your dad are the ones that make the country work.  Not the Harvard faculty, and not all these theoreticians in academia.  Not these eggheads at the Department of Treasury and stuff.  And, you know, you're unappreciated, taken for granted. Your taxes get raised. You get let go like this in order for the company to stay in business.  They've got no choice, that's the sad thing.  It's either do this or run at risk of no profit and shut down, and that's not responsible on their part. 

All of this is so unnecessary.  All of this is simply to satisfy the selfish, wanton desires of a bunch of liberals to control everything.  And what really galls me is that while all this is happening they try to tell everybody that they're doing everything for the little guy, that they're the guarantor of the little guy, the protector of the little guy. They're gonna protect the little guy from these evil Wall Street people, and these evil Walmart people, and these evil Republicans and so forth.  And the truth of the matter is they're the ones killing the little guy with their quest for power. It's maddening. 


RUSH: Here's news that affects Millennials.  AP: "Workers --" another socialist word to describe employees or associates.  "Workers saw a modest rise in the average cost of employer-sponsored health insurance this year, but they're probably not overwhelmed with relief. Coverage costs still are climbing faster than wages. That means, in many cases, that a bigger portion of the average paycheck is sliced off for insurance instead of being deposited into employee bank accounts."

Health insurance costs outpace wage increases.  But wait, but wait.  Obamacare was going to reduce premiums, I thought.  Obamacare was gonna reduce the cost of premiums by an average of $2,500.  See, when you think of the Millennials, target the age-group 18 to 29.  Many of them were young in the Reagan eighties.  Now, they were not formed yet. I mean, they were tykes.  But they have memories.  And I will tell you, unless you're just a die-hard liberal Democrat, life in America in the eighties was robust, and it was filled with optimism for the vast majority of people.  Not for everybody.  It never is, which is my point. 

But 500,000 jobs a month were being created.  Inflation was dramatically coming down, while unemployment was being reduced.  Those two things had never happened before at the same time.  Normally, if unemployment is coming down, more people working, inflation goes up.  It wasn't happening, all because of marginal tax rate cuts.  It really was -- Reagan then, the second term campaign commercial -- "Morning in America."  You know, nostalgia, you always look back and accentuate the positive.  I don't want to overdo it, but it was true. 

You talk to people back then, Reagan, coming out of a period much like today, the Carter years in the seventies.  And Reagan, that whole period, people just felt better about their country.  They felt better being Americans.  They felt better about themselves.  It wasn't a tangible thing.  It was an energy, and it was a vibe, if you will.  There was all kinds of can-do optimism. A lot of innovation was taking place, technological invention taking place.  It was really a wonderful thing. 

That's why the left and the media have spent so much time trying to rewrite the history of the eighties, because the history of the eighties proves the worthlessness of liberalism, so it couldn't be allowed to be remembered as it was, and more and more people don't.  But the Millennials were growing up, they were in their homes, their parents were working or whatever, and they were going to school and wanton, needless crime was not rampant.  I mean, there's been a ton of cultural deterioration from the mid-nineties on, particularly in this decade -- well, this century.  It has really deteriorated.  So they have some really upbeat and positive, let's say memories, of stability.  Things were stable. There were things you could count on. 

None of that exists for them today.  Now they're on their own. A record number of them are still living at home or moving back home.  And even though it may be, in one sense cool, they know this is not the way it's supposed to be.  When you are approaching 30, you're supposed to have been out on your own already starting to make your mark on the world, and that just isn't happening, and they don't see it even possible. 

We had a call from a Millennial last week who made a great point.  Not only are they mired in stagnation, they have been made to feel they don't have any choices, and they have been led to believe that their parents' lifestyle created all of the messes that we have.  Their parents caused global warming. Their parents caused all this stuff.  The excesses, the earning too much money, the excessive lifestyle.  They've been guilt tripped all over the place, and they've been led to believe that anything they do that's enjoyable is punishing somebody else or destroying the planet or what have you. 

I mean, folks, it is really horrible what has been done to these minds.  I mean these are young skulls full of mush, just by virtue of their age.  They have been polluted and perverted with the idea that enjoying life and succeeding is a betrayal, that it's unfair, that it's unjust.  And so they've just got guilt all over the place.  And then even when they do want to strike out, they don't see that they've got any choice left.  And they're hearing all this talk about their generation being the first one that will not do better than their parents, and they believe it, they hear this, they believe it, because people of authority are saying it.  People in the media, guests in the media, members of the administration, these are people, these are authority figures.  They've been educated, trained to believe them. 

So there is a general disgust.  Now they find out their health insurance costs are skyrocketing to pay for health care coverage, treatment, of the elderly.  And they are resentful of that.  They voted for Obama thinking they were going to get this massive utopia, and it didn't work.  They may not even blame Obama for it, but what they're saying is, it doesn't make any difference.  Sixty percent of Millennials voted for this stuff. 

Remember what started all this with me was when I saw a story about how depressed they are, and I reacted what I thought was a very appropriate way.  "Well, you voted for it.  What do you expect?  Okay, why don't you learn from it and realize that you voted for people that misled you.  You voted for panacea that's not possible.  You voted for things that were tangential.  I mean, you couldn't even put your arms around 'em.  Hope and change, all this wonderful, feely-touchy, goody stuff, none of it was real.  So wake up and don't make that mistake again."  But you have to be very careful how you say that to 'em. 

Let me go to audio sound bites.  This also is illustrative.  Pat Caddell last night on Cavuto on the Fox News Channel.  Cavuto is talking about the NSA spying scandal.  That's another thing, by the way, that has Millennials bamboozled.  I mean, these NSA excesses and the warrantless searching and monitoring and all the things Obama says wasn't happening.  They were happening and over and over, just countless times, and so you add to all this the fact the government's spying.  This is not what they thought they were voting for.  And so Cavuto says to Pat Caddell, "Do you sense that what we're getting here now is the same thing, it's akin to when Democrats started turning on Jimmy Carter?"

CADDELL:  Yes.  When they turned on us the same sort of thing, they finally remembered there's some things they believe in.  We're now almost five years.  The bulk of the Democratic Party has suppressed its own belief in its own values to, we have to be for Obama, we have to roll over and play dead.  He's got a danger.  Young people who are a part of his base are saying, "no, thank you" on this.  This is a new paradigm.  I'm sorry, they've lost us.  And when the president gets up and he's either clueless or disingenuous.

RUSH:  This is right on the money.  He's essentially in his own words saying what I've been saying the whole program.  We're now five years in, almost five years in the regime, and the bulk of the Democrat Party has suppressed its own belief and its own values.  They've subordinated that to, "We have to be for Obama. We have to support Obama. No matter what happens.  We have to roll over and play dead.  We have to support Obama.  We voted for Obama.  Everybody hates Obama.  There's a bunch of racists and sexists and so forth that hate Obama, and they want to get rid of Obama, and we gotta protect Obama.  We gotta do everything we can to protect Obama, even if it means doing things not in our own best interests." 

And I'm sure some of them buy into that, but Caddell's point is that they're starting to say, "Wait a minute, what's in it for us?"  Which is a legitimate question, by the way.  What's in it for us to roll over and play dead and make sure that Obama doesn't get hurt?  What's Obama getting hurt by?  He's flying around in Air Force One vacationing every other week. He's spending more money on travel than even Clinton is.  Obama's not hurting. Obama's not suffering. Obama's not unhappy. Obama's getting away with everything. Why should we roll over and play dead for that?  What's that getting us?  So Cavuto said, "You don't think it dies on the vine or that this sort of peters out, as other scandals have, given the mainstream media attention?"  Again, this is about the NSA scandal.

CADDELL:  The public knows the IRS is dangerous.  They know Benghazi.  But this one you see, what you have is the other Democrats are holding their nose on that.  This is too scary to them, and for the first -- and look, I think the people should behave on their principles.  And, if that happens, you could shadow that Democratic coalition. It's already happening to young people.  That's why the president tried to have that phony press conference.

CAVUTO:  I take it you're past being a fan then here?

CADDELL:  I guess I've lost my fandom.

RUSH:  And I gotta take a quick time-out here, folks, but you get the point. 



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