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Obama's Amateur Hour Leaves the Mideast in Chaos


RUSH: The Middle East, folks. This is being mismanaged so amazingly.  We are in the midst of a genuine potential powder keg taking place over there, and it's all happening because of the rabid incompetence of the leadership of this country.  I have a series of stories.  First off from The Daily Beast, of all places.  I have to point out, this is sort of an interesting twist on the Limbaugh Theorem

"Senator: Obama Administration Secretly Suspended Military Aid to Egypt -- The US government has decided privately to act as if the military takeover of Egypt was a coup, temporarily suspending most forms of military aid, despite deciding not to announce publicly a coup determination one way or the other, according to a leading US senator."

The Senator is Patrick "Leaky" Leahy, known for leaking, Senator Depends, our pet nickname for him.  "The office of Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), the head of the appropriations state and foreign-operations subcommittee, told The Daily Beast on Monday that military aid to Egypt has been temporarily cut off. Leahy’s 'understanding is that aid to the Egyptian military has been halted, as required by law.'"

Now, in this case, in looking at this through the prism of the Limbaugh Theorem, Obama is leaking something that he would like his leftist constituents to believe, while his public stance is the opposite.  What's happened here is that Obama has told Leaky Leahy and other dependable anonymous leakers that he has cut off aid to the Egyptian military, but his minions like Jen Psaki at the State Department, the spokesbabe there, are still saying they haven't decided what to do about aid. 

So this way, see, Obama gets to have it both ways.  He can show his constituents that he still cares about the Muslim Brotherhood, without having to declare that the military takeover was a coup.  I mean, he was all for Morsi.  He was all for the Brotherhood.  And his people have been thrown out of there, but he doesn't want to look ineffective and ineffectual.  He doesn't want to have to declare the military takeover in Egypt was a coup, because this would be a coup against him!  This would be a sign of great disrespect for Obama.  The military going against Obama's chosen leaders over there, the Muslim Brotherhood.  Because once Obama declares that this has been a coup, he cannot undeclare that. 

But the trouble is that this leak that we cut off aid has ticked off the Saudis.  You don't want to tick off the Saudis if you're not gonna okay things like the Keystone pipeline.  You do not want to tick off the Saudis if you're gonna oppose fracking.  If you're the modern-day Democrat Party, led by the modern-day socialist Barack Obama, and you are dead set against fossil fuels.  If you're dead set, in reality, against American energy independence, if you do not want the United States to be free of dependence on Saudi Arabia and Middle East oil, then you don't tick off the Saudis.  You don't make them mad.  And that is what has happened here.  This is Obama voting "present, "essentially, like he did so often when he was a state senator in Illinois. 

He's trying to have this both ways.  Pat Leahy is such a phenomenal leaker that he was penalized.  He lost a committee because of it, committee assignment.  And the stuff that he was leaking was during a Republican administration, and it was information that would do damage to the United States, much like Senator Kennedy going over to the Soviet Union and asking them to please be patient while Ronald Reagan was president.  Senator Kennedy actually did that.  Senator Leahy had his own turn at something like that, whatever it was he leaked.  My memory on it is unclear at the moment.  But, anyway, it is well known.  If you want something leaked, you let Leahy know about it, so that's what happened here. 

So Obama tells Leahy to leak something or tells Leahy something he knows he'll leak and something he wants his constituents to believe.  So he told Leahy and other anonymous leakers that he's cut off aid to the Egyptian military.  The people that vote for him who think that the military is the focus of evil in the modern world, who think that any military is horrible, guns, whoever has 'em, ooh, ooh, ooh, horrible, terrible, Egyptian military, rotten, we'd rather have the Brotherhood.  So Obama makes sure that it is leaked, that he has stood tall, that he's defunded the Egyptian military. 

But then you go over to the State Department, you talk to his spokeswoman over there, Jen Psaki, and (paraphrasing), "No, no, no, no decision has been made about that yet."  And so Obama gets to have it both ways. He gets to vote "present."  He can show his leftist anti-war people that he still cares about the Muslim Brotherhood without having to declare that what has happened in Egypt is a coup. 

Now, what this has resulted in is the Saudis being very upset.  "In a blunt warning to countries critical of the Egyptian military crackdown and considering suspending aid, longstanding US ally Saudi Arabia suggested that the decisions they make now will have long-term consequences for their relationships in the Arab and Muslim world. ... Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal issued a lengthy statement Monday defending the military’s actions and informing countries that have threatened to withdraw aid [like us] that Arab and Muslim countries 'will not hesitate to help Egypt.'"  So basically the Saudis have promised to make up the difference.  If we indeed have withdrawn aid to Egypt, they'll make it up. 

So, in a nutshell on this, the Saudis are furious that the US has cut off aid to Egypt, and they only know that by virtue of Obama's leak to Pat Leahy.  All the other Gulf states, with the exception of Qatar, are ticked off about it.  Now, Qatar, or Qatar, depending on how you pronounce it, that's run by the people who give us Al Jazeera, which give us the Arab Spring in the first place.  Qatar has always been supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and its branches in Syria and Gaza that's known as Hamas.  Muslim Brotherhood known as Hamas in Syria and in Gaza.  And this might help explain why Obama's such a huge fan to Qatar. 

"Between them, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE quickly pledged a total of $12 billion to the military-installed interim government – eclipsing the $1.5 billion in military and other assistance Egypt receives from the US each year." And I want to note this quote here at the bottom of this story in Cybercast News Service from the king in Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah. "Let it be known to those who interfered in Egypt’s internal affairs that they themselves are fanning the fire of sedition and are promoting the terrorism which they call for fighting."

Now, you may hate Saudis and you may think that they're not really allies, but it's a powder keg that's being created over here.  This is instability to the max, if I may put it that way. 


RUSH:  Here's the famous story on the leak of Pat Leahy, Senator Leahy of Vermont. New York Times, July 29, 1987:  "Senator Patrick J. Leahy, the former vice chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said today that he resigned from the panel last January..." This is a July story of 1987.  He "resigned from the panel last January partly because he was angry with himself for having given a reporter an unclassified draft report on the Iran-contra affair."

So essentially Senator Leahy resigned because he was mad at himself for leaking.  It was not the Pat Leahy he knew, apparently. "That's it is not who he is," is how the apology goes today.  "I'm sorry.  That's not who I am.  I really don't do those things that I did! I really don't say those things that I said and I really don't think those things that I thought.  That isn't me. That's not who I am."  That's what Leahy was basically saying.  He was mad at himself! 

What he leaked was information on the Iran-Contra affair that he thought would be very damaging to President Reagan. Well, it was damaging to the United States, and he ended up leaving the committee for it.  Anyway, that's why Leahy is chosen.  He's a proven leaker.  It's why we call him Senator Depends, affectionately.  It is why, whenever I'm in the same room with Senator Leahy, he will not look me in the eye.  That happens usually once every two years, at charity outings. 

Anyway, the point here, ladies and gentlemen, is this is really amateur hour, what is happening in the Middle East.  If we're not going to do things to make ourselves independent from oil that comes from that part of the world, then this is really stupid. If we're gonna continue to veto the Keystone pipeline -- if you're the Democrat Party and you are a gonna continue to attack fracking, if you're gonna do everything you can to prevent the increase in output of domestic oil and natural gas -- then we're gonna be dependent on other places around the world, including Saudi Arabia, and you don't make them mad.

But Obama is only thinking about himself.  He's only thinking about himself and his constituencies, or constituents, and he wants it both ways here.  He wants these rabid, anti-everything leftists to think he's been Mr. Tough Guy and has suspended aid to the evil Egyptian military.  He wants it known he's still supporting his buds in the Muslim Brotherhood.  But then you go to the State Department and ask 'em about the cutoff of aid it's, "No, no! e haven't reached that decision yet." 

Meanwhile, the Saudis and these other people? They're not gonna sit around and wait for Obama to figure out what he's actually gonna do here and how.  They're gonna take care of business, in their own best interests.  And we don't have United States interests being represented here; we have Obama's interests and the Democrat Party's interests and their agenda's interests are what are guiding these decisions and movements in that powder keg.


RUSH: The regime is now denying that they cut off aid to the Egyptian military.  Now, this is fascinating stuff and may be the Middle East and you may not care about it, "Come on, Rush stick with the Millennials."  Early today, yesterday, whenever it was, Pat Leahy leaked that the regime, the United States, had pulled our aid funding away from Egypt because of the military takeover in Egypt, military kicking out Obama's preferred Muslim Brotherhood.  And the regime was very, very cautious not to call this a coup d'etat, because you can't walk that back. 

So all morning long everybody's been thinking -- and, by the way, the State Department was denying it, the spokesman over there, Jen Psaki was saying (paraphrasing), "No, no, no, wait a minute, we haven't done that."  But still Leahy is believed because he's a liberal Democrat, media believes him, and he's leaked before, and now the regime is denying it. So somebody has hung Leahy out to dry here.  That's one thing that I find a little fascinating.  Somebody had to leak it to Leahy that we yanked the funding, and he ran with it. 

But at the White House, at the press briefing, Carney's not around.  I guess he's vacation or whatever, so they've got this backup spokeskid by the name of Josh Earnest, and during the Q&A today, the White House correspondent for AP, Julie Pace, said, "Senator Leahy's office told the AP earlier today that the regime informed his subcommittee that the US has stopped military aid to Egypt. The Daily Beast has a similar report.  Is this what the regime has told lawmakers?"

EARNEST:  What I said yesterday is true today, which is that in early July, the president of the United States directed his national security team to conduct a review of the assistance and aid that we provide to Egypt.  This is part of a complex and broad relationship that we have with the Egyptians.  That review that the president ordered in early July has not concluded, and published reports to the contrary that suggest that assistance to Egypt has been cut off are not accurate.

RUSH:  Oh.  Oh.  Now, Leahy is a loyal Democrat and he may bend over and grab the ankles and take the hit on this one, I don't know, but they leaked it to him.  Somebody told him we had pulled aid. It's a big deal. Egypt is our biggest ally there.  We send Egypt more money than anybody there, outside of Israel.  So the White House spokesperson said, "No, no, no, we haven't cut any aid off, what are you talking about?" 


RUSH: So, anyway, one more sound bite here.  This is Pace, the AP reporterette, now back at Josh Earnest.  "So you’re not saying that Senator Leahy is wrong. He’s saying that the aid has stopped.  And one of his aides told us that this is current practice, this is not necessarily official policy.  I’m just trying to understand is what Senator Leahy said correct.  He said that US military aid to Egypt has stopped.  It’s current practice, not necessarily official policy, and there’s no indication of how long it will last.”

EARNEST:  I think if I were trying to make the same case that you are making here, you would be suggesting that I was engaged in a game of semantics here.  I'm trying to be --

PACE:  I think we are engaged in a game of semantics --

EARNEST:  Well, and I'm trying to be as candid as possible with you about what exactly our policy has been.  We announced publicly the delay in the F-16s.  The president himself announced publicly the cancellation of the joint military exercises.  The president himself publicly directed his administration to conduct a broader review of our aid and assistance to Egypt, and that aid and assistance is ongoing, and no determination or conclusion of that review has been reached at this point.

RUSH:  They want it both ways.  I mean, this is fascinating.  Yes, they have.  No, they haven't. 



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