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"Obama, the regime, has blown half of Obamacare's legal deadlines. They've missed half, and counting."
"We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of Benghazi, and pressure is on John Boehner to do something. Could we have some investigations into this? It's going the opposite way, actually."

"We didn't get here where we are overnight. We did not get to an Obama administration which grows government and shrinks the rest of the country. We didn't get here overnight. It took decades for the left, relentlessly never giving up, constantly pushing ahead to get where we are. And, consequently, we're not gonna get rid of this stuff overnight."

"Be proud of what you're trying to do and let everybody know it. You'll fail a couple times maybe but you'll hit it eventually. But don't fall prey to this notion of being afraid of success or afraid of your own success or thinking it's not warranted or unjustified. Don't do that. Pursue it. Seek it. When you find it, be proud of it. Let that be infectious and inspiring to others."

"Liberalism, socialism is seductive to the lazy. It is seductive to the people who think they've got no chance, no hope. It's seductive to the incompetent. It is seductive to people who are obsessed with the unfairness and injustice everywhere and think that big government can fix it."

"Media Matters exist for one reason, and that is to lie, misrepresent, and take out of context what happens in conservative media and then report it that way. So a mainstream media reporter will find out what happened on this program by going to Media Matters. Rather than watch or listen, they'll get it from Media Matters."

"So people's cable TV goes out in New Haven, Connecticut, where Yale is, you can't get Chicken McNuggets in Port St. Lucie, and you call the government! Is it any wonder the Millennials are in a fog of aimlessness?"

"We are in the midst of a genuine potential powder keg taking place over there, and it's all happening because of the rabid incompetence of the leadership of this country."

"You don't want to tick off the Saudis if you're not gonna okay things like the Keystone pipeline. You do not want to tick off the Saudis if you're gonna oppose fracking. If you're the modern-day Democrat Party, led by the modern-day socialist Barack Obama, and you are dead set against fossil fuels."

"Obama is only thinking about himself. He's only thinking about himself and his constituencies, or constituents, and he wants it both ways here. He wants these rabid, anti-everything leftists to think he's been Mr. Tough Guy and has suspended aid to the evil Egyptian military. He wants it known he's still supporting his buds in the Muslim Brotherhood."

"We don't have United States interests being represented here; we have Obama's interests and the Democrat Party's interests and their agenda's interests are what are guiding these decisions and movements."

"Do you realize after four and a half years of Obama we're supposed to be in utopia here? Four and a half, almost five years of Barack Obama, we are supposed to be in eternal bliss, total happiness. Everybody who wants a job is supposed to have one. Everybody who wants a house is supposed to have one. Everybody who wants to be able to afford to live however they want to live is supposed to be able to. None of it's happened."

"There's no optimism. There's no good cheer. There's no laughter. There's no happiness, by virtue of who they are. They run around and they talk about all the anger on our side, extremism, and these people, no matter where you look, are enraged. In general they're enraged. But they're really mad now because they're living amidst incontrovertible proof that everything they believe doesn't work."

"More people have been beat down into submission, so there's less competition for success right now. That means there are more open doors. Go for it! And while you're going for it, do not apologize for it. In fact, be just the opposite. Be proud of what you're trying to do and let everybody know it."

"Don't let anybody convince you that your success is the reason for somebody else's failure. Because it isn't."


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